Top 10 Indie Movies Of 2012

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As the title suggests, if we are asked what an Indie movie is, we will simply define it as the production of the independent film company that gets limited release. Yes, that is what an indie film is, but you can clearly distinguish from other commercial films by their content, style and artistic vision.

The most essential aspect of indie films are that, they are often screened at local, international and national film festivals just before the theatrical release.

Still people love to watch them, as they offer the movie junkies with a different taste. We are sharing the list of best indie movies of 2012 to raise a toast for the creative cinematic world.

End of Watch

Genre: Crime

Director: David Ayer

Awarded 7.8/10 by the critics, it is a perfect crime and thriller movie. It portrays two young NYC cops who are destined to face death for confiscating a small amount of money and arms from notorious criminals.


Genre: Horror

Director: Group of Writers and Directors

V/H/S regarded as the one of the most important contender of big horror success story of 2012. It is an anthology of five chapters and earned a big buzz in the festivals. It is a POV, a found footage horror film from the house of America’s top filmmakers. A group of burglars enters a desolate house to find uncanny happenings around them.

Moonrise Kingdom

Genre: Comedy

Director: Wes Anderson

This is going to raise a toast to the younger generation. Here we will find two teen lovers who run away in the summer, and the entire New England goes out in search of them.

To Rome with Love

Genre: Romance

Director: Woody Allen

This is Allen’s roadtrip Indie movie and we can see a web of romantic and social wrong adventures by the casts of Woody, showing his trademark in every scene.

Sleepwalk With Me

Genre: Comedy

Director: Mike Birbiglia, Seth Barish

A movie about a stand-up comedian who struggles to put his career into place, along with his relationship and he fights back with the ill effects of sleepwalking in his life that devastates his normal life.


Genre: Drama

Director: James Ponsoldt

A lovely story of a young married couple whose relationship based on their mutual love for alcohol, but it is put to test finally, when the girl thinks to turn sober.

Beast of the Southern Wild

Genre: Drama/Fantasy

Director: Benh Zeitlin

This movie is about a young girl growing up in the Louisianan Bayou who is forced to leave the place in order to search for her mother, after her father falls ill, and pre-historic creatures enters her life.

Lola Versus

Genre: Comedy

Director: Daryl Wein

A young New York City girl freshly dumped by her fiancé, just a week before their wedding commences. As her thirtieth birthday appears, she journeys through a number of romantic misadventures and enjoys new single status.

Life of Pi

Genre: Adventure

Director: Ang Lee

This is really a toast at the end of the year for the movie lovers and got a score of 8.4/10. A good mixture of 3D in a novel turned movie. Here we will find a young man who survives ship wreckage with a tiger, journeys a long adventure for 200 days and forms an unexpected relationship with the beast.

Hello I Must Be Going

Genre: Romance

Director: Todd Louiso

A relationship based movie where we find a young divorcee, moves back with her parents to the suburban areas of Connecticut. Here she meets with the man who rejuvenates her to live the life to the fullest extreme.

These are the major choice of a movie buff just like you. If critics ask, they will be indifferent to the list. However, if you want to warm up some special moments during the weekend, these movies are a perfect watch.

Author’s Bio: Martha Higgs is a notable movie blogger and is known for her classy choices (such as Life of Pi). She often makes lists for the favorite genre of movies so that her readers find it easy to view. Her blog also states on latest dish network prices to grab the best package and gear up their movie experience at home.

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