Tooth Fairy (2010)

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Tooth Fairy Poster
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Normally when I watch movies like these by known action stars, I automatically think career suicide. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vin Diesel, Jackie Chan and Hulk Hogan have all done them, and now you can add Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to that list. Yes it’s these big burly action stars taking time out to do family/ kids films.

I quite enjoyed Jackie Chan’s last venture “The Spy Next Door”, as it’s in keeping up with his tradition of martial arts with comic. Dwayne Johnson’s “Tooth Fairy” is actually quite watchable.

Derek Thompson (Dwayne Johnson) is an ice hockey player who has been nicknamed “The Tooth Fairy” by his fans, as opposing players tend to lose a tooth as he flexes his muscles out on the ice rink. Years of being on top has turned Derek into an arrogant, mouthy person who wastes no time in letting you know his true thoughts.

The last straw comes when he steals a dollar left under the pillow of his girlfriends (Ashley Judd) daughter Tess, which was intended for her for leaving a tooth behind for the tooth fairy. So later that night, Derek receives a summons to be tried in the world of fairies. Wings magically appear on his back as he is whisked away.

The Rock in Tooth Fairy
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Derek is sentenced to 2 weeks as a Tooth Fairy by the head fairy Lily (Julie Andrews), and he has a case worker to look over him Tracy, (Stephen Merchant). Next morning he awakens thinking it was all a dream, but he soon finds it was all too real, as he is sent on his first mission to retrieve his first tooth. With his array of gadgets, he sets off on his mission; with disastrous results might I add.

What follows is comical mayhem as he stumbles from one case to another as he eventually learns the values of being a good person. He realises that he is a shadow of his former self, and it has taken a world of fantasy to make him see the light.

Julie Andrews

Overall I would say this was quite an entertaining film, the younger audiences should definitely like this, the CGI was very good, and the acting not too bad. However, the only problem I had was that the wings on the fairies looked so fake! As if a fairy costume was hired from the local costume shop. I mean come on, they spent a fair bit of money on special effects, surely they could save some aside to make them actually look like fairies.

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