The Switch (2010) Review

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The Switch Movie Poster
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Ok here I go with The Switch. Now i’m not quite sure what genre this comes in, advertised as a bit of a rom-com, but I just don’t see it. I mean the movie didn’t really have a romantic feel to it, no butterflies in your stomach and it also wasn’t funny to warrant it to be a comedy, and just to clarify here, I’m not saying its a bad film either.

So what is it then? I would probably say it’s a movie about friendship more than anything, friendship between the lead characters, and friendship between father and son.

Actors/ Characters

The movie revolves around Jennifer Aniston (Kassie) and Jason Bateman (Wally). The film is supported by Juliette Lewis (Debbie), Jeff Goldblum (Leonard), Patrick Wilson (Roland) and Thomas Robinson (Sebastian). As you can see it has a pretty stellar cast. Thomas Robinson I feel is going to have a great career in acting as long as the pitfalls of child actors do not befall the little star.


Kassie and Wally are best friends living in the hustle and bustle of New York, however they’re poles apart. Kassie is cool, sexy, and fun-loving to Wally’s dull and dreary look. Wally labours a secret love for Kassie but realises that his relationship with Kassie is stuck on the “friends” stage, and likely to be for the rest of his life.

Kassie, although successful, realises she is ready to have a child, but doesn’t want to wait around trying to find the right man to come into her life, so feels artificial insemination is the best way about it, much to the annoyance of her best friend Wally. Hence, she holds a “getting pregnant” party, and invites sperm donor Roland to the party, and in the bathroom, Roland donates his sperm which he leaves in a bottle.

Wally, in a state of drunkenness, accidentally spills the semen down the sink. Being drunk, the only thing he thinks of is to replace it with some of his own, and replaces the bottle only to later forget the whole incident of “the switch” ever took place.

Scene from The Switch 2010
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Later, finding out that she’s pregnant, Kassie decides to move away from New York only to return 7 years later with Sebastian, her son who’s more into photo frames than he is in computer games. What follows is the bond that Sebastian develops with Wally as well having to deal with the returning Roland.

Will Wally ever confess his true feelings to Kassie?

More importantly does he have the courage to tell Kassie that Sebastian is actually his child? And if he does, are they doomed to go their separate ways?


I have to say this film totally belonged to Wally and Sebastian, or Jason Bateman and Thomas Robinson. Thomas Robinson played Wally’s characteristics to the T. Their screen presence is what really made this film worthy of watching, had it not been for them, it would have been just another of those movies. Jennifer Aniston was just Jennifer Aniston in this movie, to be honest her character could have been played by any actress and it wouldn’t have made a difference as the movie was more about Wally and Sebastian.

However, I do feel the ending was kind of rushed with little emotion to show for it but do go to see it, at least once.

A Scene From The Switch 2010
Image courtesy of Hollywood

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