The Spy Next Door (2010)

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The Spy Next Door
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Usually, when an action star has to resort to making movies like these, where they have to babysit unruly kids, it marks the start of their downfall in the movie industry. It makes you wonder whether they’re trying to expand on their acting portfolio, or is it just another paycheck? Let’s hope this isn’t the case for the star in question, Jackie Chan.

Bob Ho (Jackie Chan) is a CIA spy who wants to give up his day job, so he can become a family man. He wants to settle down with his neighbour and girlfriend Gillian (Amber Valletta). However, there remains a stumbling block in their aim for happiness, Gillian’s 3 children, who don’t exactly approve of Bob. To them he is the average Joe and he is, as he conceals his true CIA spy identity.

In a bid to win them over, he agrees to babysit them as Gillian has to go out of town; however he underestimated the task ahead of him. The 3 children prove to be tough nuts to crack and the toughest is Farren (Madeline Carroll), win her over and half his battle is won. Add to the mix some Russian terrorists in search of a missing secret formula, and you have a fun family comedy, as Bob gets to grips with being a spy and a babysitter.

Jackie Chan in Action
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In terms of Action and Martial Arts, you know what you’re getting with Jackie Chan, and The Spy Next Door is no different. He rarely disappoints, and this is certainly a fun film to watch which doesn’t take itself too seriously. One thing that creeps into your mind is how much longer Jackie Chan can continue with his action/stunts/martial arts mayhem. I for one he doesn’t hang up his boots just yet.

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