The Rebound (2010)

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Normally, i’m quite a fan of romantic comedies, purely for their feel-good factors, and you’d think any movie with Catherine Zeta Jones in it should have me jumping for joy. Unfortunately, this was not the case having seen “The Rebound”.

The Plot

The beginning of the movie happens all too fast, Sandy (Catherine Zeta Jones) finds out that her husband has been unfaithful, divorces him, and takes her kids away to live in the city.

They move into an apartment above a coffee shop, where Aram Finklestein (Justin Bartha) works. Aram is a young man with no real direction in life, who is still answerable to his meddling parents. He takes up the babysitting job of sandy’s 2 children, while Sandy gets back into the dating scene.

It’s not long before Aram and Sandy develop an attraction for each other, although Sandy is a little bit apprehensive due to the 15 year age gap, but their feelings for one another grow stronger the more time they spend with each other, plus the fact that her kids absolutely adore him.

However, heartbreak is on the horizon as Sandy finally realises that the age gap is too much, and that Aram is better off doing what his age group people do. So in their separate lives, Aram has gone travelling around the world, while Sandy gets promoted in her company. 5 years later, and a chance encounter in a restaurant, they bump into one another, and love is in the air again.


No chemistry what-so-ever! That’s what I felt when I was watching this movie, I felt there was no chemistry between Catherine Zeta Jones and Justin Bartha. I couldn’t find any redeeming qualities in Aram that a woman like Sandy could find attractive. This couple just looked way too mis-matched. As mentioned above, there was no feel good factor in this romantic comedy at all.

So, would I watch this movie again? A plain and simple No!

2 Star Rating

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