Movie Review: The Impossible (2012)

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I have to say that one of my favourite genres has to be the disaster movies, so it came as no surprise that I just had to watch The Impossible.

I went in not knowing that this was actually based on a true story, making it even more remarkable because we all know the damage the Indian Ocean Tsunami caused back in 2004.

The movie is directed by Juan Antonio Bayona as is based on a Spanish family’s experience during the tsunami.

Actors/ Characters

The movie stars Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor as Maria and Henry, a married couple.

Tom Holland plays Lucas, the eldest of the 3 sons. Samuel Joslin stars as Thomas while Oaklee Pendergast plays Simon, the youngest of the 3 sons.


Maria and Henry, along with their 3 children are spending their Christmas holidays in a paradise resort in Thailand. It is the perfect moment as the family spend some valuable time together.

Enjoying their moment at the poolside, the happiness around the family is soon turned to a nightmare as a tsunami hits the coast. It wipes everything away leaving nothing but destruction in its path.

The family separated by this tragedy, it will require an act of courage like no other to re-unite Maria, Henry and their children.


Let me start by saying that this movie is an emotional rollercoaster, so if this is not your cup of tea then I suggest you give this movie a miss.

With that out the way, I thought this movie was great. It decided to dwell on the things that matter the most i.e. the family, and not on the disaster itself. This is more of an emotional drama and less of a disaster movie such as 2012.

I won’t go too much into who does what, but I will say that Tom Holland was fantastic in this move as Lucas. He was much better than the seasoned actors in Naomi and Ewan. If Tom is not nominated for the Oscars then there is something seriously wrong with these award ceremonies.

So from me, it’s a definite must see.

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