The A-Team (2010)

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The A-Team Quartet
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Many, many years ago, a friend and I heard the rumour that The A-Team was to be made into a movie, so no doubt we were really excited at the thought of seeing the big screen version of the hit 80’s series of the same name.

We waited weeks, months and even years to hear more news on this, but the rumour remained a rumour until not too long ago, when it all became a reality, and it was also intriguing to see who would actually play the famous foursome.

Actors/ Characters

All the characters in Hannibal, Faceman, Murdock and B.A Baracus are back for their big screen debut. More importantly who was going to fill the shoes of George Peppard, Dirk Benedict, Dwight Schultz and Mr.T who have made the characters in the original The A-Team their own? Well for this action flick we have Liam Neeson (Hannibal), Bradley Cooper (Faceman), Sharlto Copley (Murdock) and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (B.A Baracus) – probably the hardest casting dilemma was who was going to play the role of B.A Baracus.


I think if you’re old enough to remember the series then you’ll know the film follows pretty much the same way. It’s about a team of soldiers convicted of a crime they did not commit.

However, if you’re not old enough to remember the series then just enjoy the movie for what it is; a great summer action flick.

Scene from The A-Team 2010
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In the first 20 mins we are introduced to the central quartet of characters, where only Hannibal and Faceman know each other, who then go on to forge a team with B.A Baracus and Murdock.

Fast forward 8 years and many successful missions later, they have become the best at what they do. However, their new mission to retrieve U.S. Treasure Plates will change the lives forever (for the better) as the mission is fraught with danger and corruption from all sides, and as such, they are framed for a crime they did not commit, and they must do what they can to clear their names.

The rest as they say is history.


If you’ve seen the series from back in the 80’s, then you’ll be eager to see who plays the new characters. In general, if you want to enjoy this movie, I’d say don’t dwell too much on who’s playing who and just go along with the roller-coaster action scenes, and there are some great scenes in there. It’s definitely one of the films to watch this summer. It’s high on comedy and high on action, so not much more you can ask for from a film.

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