Salt (2010)

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Well if you like your action movies, here’s another to feast your eyes on. The Angelina Jolie starrer is certainly a thrill ride. Think of Matt Damon in the Bourne series, and you generally have the female version in Salt.

This is one entertaining flick, and to have Angeline Jolie as the centrepiece just makes it that much better.

Actors/ Characters

Angelina Jolie is the central character Evelyn Salt who’s about as tough as tough cookies can come in. The supporting cast include Liev Schreiber as Ted Winter the head of the CIA and Chiwetel Ejiofor as Peabody, the head of Intelligence while August Diehl plays Michael Kraus, Salt’s husband.


Evelyn Salt is a CIA Agent, and the first snapshot we see her being tortured by North Korean guards, and eventually being released by highly influential public figure Michael Kraus. They eventually go on to get married.

A routine interrogation of a Russian defector Orlov turns on its head as he accuses Evelyn Salt of being a Russian spy. He goes onto explain that she and many others are part of a network of sleeper agents put into the USA as part of the project Day X. He also goes onto tell her that the Russian President is soon to be assassinated, by none other than Salt herself.

Startled by the news, she goes on the run in a bid to get to her husband Michael, which only adds fuel to the fire as the CIA now think she really is a Russian spy.

Scene from Salt
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Ted and Peabody are hot on her trails and must get to her first to uncover the truth and to stop the assassination of the Russian President.

What we’re left with is a few twists and turns wondering which side is she actually on, and as the movie unfolds it reveals her true allegiances.

So who is Evelyn Salt – A Russian spy or CIA agent? Wait and watch!


If you take the movie for what it is, an action packed piece of entertainment, you should really enjoy this movie. Angelina Jolie played the part of Evelyn Salt really well and I can’t really think of who else could have played the part as there are not many action chicks out there. The supporting cast also played their roles well, so all in all, definitely worth a watch. No doubt there will be a couple of sequels in the pipeline to look forward to.

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  • Harmesh

    Excellent film… I want watch it again! She is perfect!!!

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