Rocket In My Pocket: Rocket Singh (2009)

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Rocket Singh
Courtesy of Yash Raj Films

This is an Indian film about a failed graduate, whilst the rest of his friends have moved into good jobs in their relevant professions, he has struggled. Finally he gets a break and gets a job as a salesman in a call centre taking and making computer maintenance calls.

The movie explores the feeling of this salesman as he is mocked by his fellow colleagues due to being the new boy in the office. A key moment in the movie comes when he is sent to meet a client who offers him a bribe which he duly declines. Then once back into the office his boss gives him a dressing down and basically tells him to ‘stop being clever’.

This one moment drives the salesmen to recruit his own team and starts his very own business using his current workplace out of hours, under cutting the company he works for comprising of team members from his day job.  The story carries on with the newly formed Rocket Singh’s company ‘Rocket Corporation’ taking over the market becoming market leaders, purely by beating competitor’s services standards and offering the service at a lower price.

There is a twist at the end but I won’t reveal all but I will tell you it is a film worth watching, so do watch it. It will touch the heart of any entrepreneur or people who like to make their own destinies by making things happen for themselves. All in all a good experience with various subliminal meanings embedded into the film and there is a Sikh influence as you can guess from the name.

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