Rec 2 (2010)

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Rec 2 Poster
Poster design by Mathias Mazzetti (courtesy of IMP Awards)

I have to say Rec 2 was a very entertaining horror film. It’s action all the way from the start to the ending. It sort of reminds me of Drag Me to Hell, in terms of entertainment value in a horror film, although the film itself is nothing like Drag Me to Hell.

Rec 2 is a direct sequel to Rec, as in the action takes place 15 minutes after the ending of Rec. If you’ve not seen Rec or Rec 2, it’s a Spanish horror film. The film has been shot from a first person’s point of view, so if you don’t like shaky camcorder type of filming, stay away.

The general premise of the film is that an apartment building has been sealed off by the police, with the residents trapped inside as they are infected by some sort of a viral outbreak. They send in a Health Minister and a SWAT team to try to control the situation.

The Health Minister turns out to be a priest on a mission to get the blood of the original girl that was infected to try to administer some sort of cure. It’s not long before they start getting attacked by the infected residents in a zombie-like manner.

What was supposed to be a routine mission turns out to be a fight for survival, as the priest and SWAT team realise demonic forces are at work, and now it’s a case of getting out alive.

In terms of scares, I thought it was quite scary. I likened it to The Blair Witch Project in the sense that both scenarios are the same i.e. being in the dark with the unknown to contend with. In Rec 2 I asked myself, would I want to be in that apartment building in the dark with those infected people? No was my answer, in Blair Witch Project, I asked myself, would I want to be in those woods in the dark? Again no was my answer.

The only annoying thing about the film was that there was a lot of shouting and screaming during the film, I mean you’re in a sealed off building, with infected zombie-like people running around, do you really want to advertise your whereabouts to them. I think not.

Overall, it’s still an entertaining horror film. I’m sure we will see an American sequel to Quarantine any time soon, as Quarantine is the American remake of Rec.

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