Raavan Disappoints!

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Raavan Poster
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RAAVAN was expected to be a super hit movie similar to Mani Ratnam’s previous works like Guru, Yuva and Bombay.  However, the movie has been released today and it does not have the same spark as Mani’s previous movies.  Taran Adarsh, Indian film critic, states ‘Raavan is a king-sized disappointment in terms of content’ and he gives the film 1 and half stars.

RAAVAN has Bollywood’s most famous couple, Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan as the leading pair which was a great advantage for the movie.  Yet, Abhishek fails to bring out an exceptional performance which does not reach the same standards of Guru and Yuva at all.  RAAVAN does not capture Abhishek’s fine potential hence his performance does not impress the audience and his makeup is ridiculous and unnecessary.

Abhishek in Raavan

Beera [Abhishek Bachchan] was supposed to be a negative and threatening character since he represents ‘Raavan’, however he enacts his role as a complete psycho; this reflects Abhishek’s poor delivery of his role.  So, if you are a fan of Abhishek Bachchan then be prepared to be disappointed with his performance and do not keep your expectations high!

Aishwarya Rai is the finest talent of Bollywood and she proves her exceptional talent again by performing her role very well.  Ash made her debut over 10 years ago with Mani Ratnam’s Iruvar and it is clear that Ash and Mani share great understanding hence Ash delivers her role of Ragini with excellence and confidence; she brings Mani’s vision into reality.

Despite Ash performing well yet this does not provide a stable foundation for the film to be successful. Since, the main factor which pulls the film down is the content; the script is weak as the audience does not even realise when Ragini [Aishwarya Rai] develops strong feelings towards Beera [Abhishek Bachchan].

Aishwarya in Raavan

Nevertheless, A R Rehman delivers fantastic music to the film which is highly appealing and it is remembered even after the film.  Of course, this conveys the exceptional superiority of A R Rehman.

On the whole, RAAVAN fails to deliver to its high expectations although it has the biggest names of Indian cinema, Mani Ratnam and Aishwarya Rai.

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