Predators (2010)

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Predators Poster
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There’s always an air of excitement when a new alien movie comes out, and it’s with this excitement that I had to watch Predators, especially when you’ve seen the previous ones plus the Alien Vs Predators movies.

Now let me just state that the only reason I was watching it was because of the Predators, I had already earmarked this movie as a bit of a failure since finding out the lead actor is Adrien Brody. Now this is nothing against Adrien Brody, but more to do with his masculinity, or lack of it shall I say?

He almost pulled the character off while he remained fully clothed, at which point he looked quite beefed up, alas it was just an illusion, as I wanted to almost laugh when he undressed in the final battle against the Predator towards the end of the movie.

Pound for pound, Arnie vs the Predator is a fair fight, but Adrien against the Predator, come on! What were the directors thinking? A husky voice alone is not enough to make me think you can defeat the alien warriors.

In the movie, we find our team of misfits literally thrown from the skies into an unknown jungle. Headed by Royce (Adrien Brody), the team soon find out that this is no salvaging mission, but it’s a hunt, and they’re the ones being hunted.

It soon becomes apparent that they’re on an alien planet being hunted by the Predators. So begins a battle of survival in an environment they’ve never encountered, and it’s going to take every single expertise Royce has, if they are to overcome the Predators.

Having seen the movie, I felt somewhat disappointment. Firstly, it needed more Predators or alien beings, since they were on an alien planet. Secondly, what you get in the trailers, you don’t get in the movies – don’t you just hate when they do that. Thirdly, Adrien Brody for the reasons mentioned above. Fourthly, ever so irritating this was but they were all very trigger happy, but how on earth do some of them miss their target when it’s straight in front of them.

Oh I could just go on and on, so as a final note i’m going to say, watch Predators for the sake of it being another Predator movie, but don’t expect too much from the movie.

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