Piranha 3D (2010)

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Here is another movie that’s been resurrected from the past and paying homage to the movies of its kind from the 70’s and 80’s. Personally, I love it that films from the past are coming back to the present, especially considering the technology we have in this day and age, but only a certain kind of director can pull off such feats, whether Director Alexandre Aja is that kind of director remains to be seen.

I have to be totally honest and say that I have not seen the 1978 version of Piranha, so can’t make any sort of comparisons apart from knowing what the main dish of the day was for the Piranhas.

Actors/ Characters

The cast I have to say is pretty decent with a small cameo from Richard Dreyfuss playing fisherman Matthew Boyd in the opening scene. The rest include Jake (Steven R McQueen), Kelly (Jessica Szohr), Derrick Jones (Jerry O’Connell), Danni (Kelly Brook), Sherriff Julie Forester (Elizabeth Shue), Deputy Fallon (Ving Rhames) and Henry Goodman (Christopher Lloyd).


Set during Spring Break at Lake Victoria in Arizona, the lake floor is split open by a minor tremor, unknown to the Lake Victoria residents and Spring Break partiers, a school of Piranhas surface from the lake floor as Matthew Boyd gets caught up in a whirlpool created by the split.

Wishing to be part of the Spring Break revelry, Jake takes on a job as a guide for Derrick Jones to show him good locations for Derrick’s adulterous movies. However, Jake has also promised to babysit his little brother and sister, and instead bribes them to stay home so he can go out, and as you would have it, kids will be kids as they eventually disobey orders.

Elsewhere, Sherriff Julie Forester and Deputy Fallon are investigating the disappearance of Matthew Boyd, and is soon found mutilated and bare to the bone nearly.

A team of divers are brought in who discover a prehistoric lake under the floor of Lake Victoria. As they investigate a cavern, the team is attacked by piranhas, as one of them barely makes it back to the boat alive with a piranha attached to it.

Scene from Pirhana
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Sherriff Julie and Novak (Adam Scott) take the piranha to Henry Goodman, a marine biologist, to investigate. Henry reveals that the piranha is part of prehistoric species which was thought to have been long extinct.

With the Spring Break in full swing, the Piranhas are heading to gatecrash that very party as it becomes a race against time for Sherriff Julie to evacuate the Lake before it’s too late.


I personally thought this was going to be a poorly made b-movie, but was pleasantly surprised with what I got. Actually, I thought it was very good indeed. The first half moves along at a leisurely pace, but once the second half kicks in, be prepared for all the guts and gore you can handle, as they come at you from nearly every angle. Although, I did think Jerry O’Connell was a little out of place in the movie as his whole character was slightly over the top but hey, the rest of the movie easily made up for the entertainment.

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