Paranormal Activity (2009)

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Paranormal Activity
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Well, lets get this one out of the way. I have to say this has to be the most hyped up movie of the year, and it fails miserably. Please note, that this is just my personal opinion of mine. Yes, some people may find this movie scary, but for me, it had not even 1 aspect of the film that could be deemed potentially scary.

Now let me state that when it comes to movies that has anything to do with ghosts, I get absolutely petrified, but for some strange reason I still love the horror genre. To say I get scared by movies of this particular genre is an understatement, so much so that I have to think twice about turning the lights off at night. Anyways, back to Paranormal Activity, it’s been mentioned in the same vein as Blair Witch Project, and to be honest the only similarities is that both movies have a camcorder aspect to the movie. Where Blair Witch succeeded in dealing with the fear of the unknown, Paranormal Activity fails to live up to its hype.

The movie stars Katie Featherstone as “Katie” and Micah Slot as “Micah”, as a couple who are haunted by a ghostly entity that has apparently attached itself to Katie since her childhood. At first, Micah takes the issue very light-heartedly, and feels the best way to prove or disprove this entity is to film it on camera, so he decides to buy a video camera, which he sets up in their bedroom, hoping that they will be able to capture any paranormal activity that may be occurring. And, it’s not long before they capture footage of unseen forces at work, where we hear doors slam, loud footsteps, footprints etc. As more activities during the night start to occur, Katie realises that the entity is making its presence felt too strongly, and it’s probably best not to further provoke it. But, Micah has other ideas, and he now wants to try and communicate with the entity, and so goes out and buys a Ouija board, with little success. At this stage, the ghostly entity is getting more and more violent, partially due to Micah’s interference, and it’s even started to possess Katie, as we see on occasions getting up in the middle of the night, and she will just stand there at the corner of her bed, staring at Micah for hours on end. This all leads up to a violent finale, although I won’t say how the film ends up finishing.

This movie for me was a big disappointment, and as far as horror movies go, this was way below standard. Like I said above, it doesn’t take much to scare me, but Paranormal Activity failed to provide even 1 jump for me. So, I think I will be giving the DVD a miss when it gets released.

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