Pandorum (2009)

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The ship Elysium is on a 123 year voyage to a planet called “Tanis” as it holds Earth like qualities to it. Corporal Bower (Ben Foster) awakens from a suspended hyper-sleep, with no memory whatsoever, and soon after Lieutenant Payton (Dennis Quaid) awakens too, also with no memory of who they are, or where they are and what there mission is, plus the 60,000 passengers of the spaceship have also disappeared.

Under the guidance of Lt Payton, Bowers goes to explore the ship to try to find some answers, but what he encounters is a lot more horrific than he had imagined. He comes across dead bodies, but worse is to come, as he encounters deadly mutant creatures. The dark environment really adds atmosphere to the film, and similarities can be seen to “The Descent”. Bowers does manage to find some survivors, and as he finds more survivors, the true nature of the events start to slowly unfold, as he receives news that the Elysium and its passengers were the last remaining survivors from Earth, as it is no more. The voyage to the planet Tanis was one of re-population, each and every passenger on board the Elysium was also injected with an adaptation serum so they could easily acclimatise to their new surroundings, which would have been Tanis, but instead they have adapted to the dark environs of the spaceship, as we find out that the mutants were actually the human passengers before. Bowers mission is now to get to the ships reactor, before it dies completely and they become stuck there, as he must reset it and power the spaceship up again. He also learns of the condition that is Pandorum, which is a psychological condition that is derived from extended hyper-sleep, a form of space madness with symptoms being paranoia and hallucinations.

With some twists and turns we find the true reason for the predicament Bowers finds himself in, although you often ask yourself who is actually suffering from Pandorum, and whether the mutant creatures are actually real or not or a figment of someone’s paranoia.

This is a dark psychological horror film, which is enjoyable as there’s never a dull moment in the movie, and comparisons can be made to “Event Horizon” and “The Descent”, which are both really good movies in themselves, and Pandorum is right up there with them.

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