My Top 5 Bollywood Comedy Films

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Scene from Welcome
The 2 kings of comedy (images courtesy of Filmicafe)

Live, laugh and love is the motto of life and comedy films help in bringing laughter to life, enlighten ones self and give positive energy to its audience. After a long, stressful and tiring day then you wish to relax and enjoy and one of the perfect way to relax is by watching a laughing-riot comedy film which helps to remove any stress and tiredness and lifts your mood.

It is highly recommended that you WELCOME comedy films into your life to say NO ENTRY to stress, enjoy the GOLMAAL of the twists and turns in the script, the uplifting spirit of the films which makes you think positively and makes you MALAMAAL WEEKLY instead of PHIR HERA PHERI which happens when you drown yourself in fear watching a thriller movie!

Here is a list of my TOP 5 COMEDY FILMS of the decade:


Scene from Welcome

WELCOME released in 2007 is one of the craziest and funniest films of the decade for certain. Anees Bazmee [Director] must be applauded for having the perfect star-cast of Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Feroz Khan, Nana Patekar, Anil Kapoor, Mallika Sherawat and Paresh Rawal. Undoubtedly, each actor performed exceptionally well and they succeeded in cracking up the audience with their hysterical dialogues and performances. No matter how many times I watch this film then I still find the comedy hilarious! However, most importantly, the reason I believe this film deserves the Number 1 position is because of its meaningful and touching storyline; each person is an individual and if their brother or sister is doing wrong then it does not mean that the person is wrong too. Also, bad people can be changed to good and decent people, if they are led in the right direction.


Katrina Kaif in Singh is Kinng

Talented Indian film analyst and critic, Taran Adarsh stated β€˜If you’ve loved NO ENTRY and WELCOME, you’d love SINGH IS KINNG too’, and both Welcome and No Entry hold positions in my TOP 5 list so SINGH IS KINNG will certainly hold a role in my TOP 5 too. The comedy king Akshay Kumar, beautiful Katrina Kaif, talented Om Puri, Kirron Kher, Sonu Sood, Sudhanshu Pandey, Yashpal Sharma and Manoj Pahwa perform exceptionally well in this film. Also, the music of the film was fantastic from the foot tapping song of Jee Karde and romantic song of Teri Ore. However, putting the comedy of the film to one side it is important to praise the concept of the film, which is that there is only one King who is the Almighty!


This hilarious movie hit the screens in 2005 and it is another creation of talented Anees Bazmee. Before the release of the film, its massive star cast and catchy songs were the talk of the town and after the release of the film, its uproarious comic story and performances of the actors were the talk of the town. NO ENTRY is quite a simple film which tackles the issue of women doubting their husbands unnecessarily and husbands breaking the trust of their wives, regretfully. So, the reason for NO ENTRY to hold the Number 3 position is because it conveys the importance for both husband and wife to trust each other and they must not break their trust on any grounds. This is an essential rule which every married couple must understand and obey to have a happy and life-lasting marriage.



This laughing-riot released in 2006 and it was an immediate success. After the success and huge appreciation of Hera Pheri then the audience eagerly waited for the release of PHIR HERA PHERI to see the trio-comedy heroes, Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty and Paresh Rawal again! PHIR HERA PHERI had to be in my Top 5, not only due to the amusing performances yet the moral of the film is significant. The moral of the movie highlights that you must not get greedy for wealth to an extent that you end up losing your existing treasures. Be happy with what you have got and if you desire more then you must work hard and earn otherwise there will be HERA PHERI!


GOLMAAL is definitely a fun-unlimited flick which entertains its viewers entirely from the start to the end. The team of Ajay Devgan, Tusshar Kapoor, Arshad Warsi, Sharman Joshi and Paresh Rawal give spontaneously hilarious performances which make me laugh every time I watch this film. GOLMAAL is an amusingly successful entertainer which follows no logic (golden rule of comedy films) so you can leave your brains at home and enjoy good 3 hours of non-stop entertainment.

Other films which I considered for my TOP 5 COMEDY FILMS were Dhamaal, Malamaal Weekly, Golmaal Returns and Mujhse Shaadi Karogi yet they did not make it to my list. Also, if I was not doing the TOP 5 list for the decade then Andaaz Apna Apna would have certainly been No.1!

So, what you think of my TOP 5 COMEDY FILMS selection and if your views differ then let me know…

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