World War Z (2013): Movie Review

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One of the films to watch out for in 2013 was World War Z, and it finally makes it to the big screen. Part of the excitement is due to the fact it stars Brad Pitt, as it’s quite rare to see an a-lister actor starring in a zombie movie.

The movie is based on the horror novel which has the same name written by Max Brooks. The movie is directed by Marc Forster, who’s no stranger behind the cameras having directed such movies as Monster’s Ball, Finding Neverland and Quantum of Solace amongst other movies.

Actors/ Characters

Brad Pitt stars as ex-UN employee Gerry Lane. Mireille Enos stars as Karin Lane while Fana Mokoena stars as Thierry Umutoni.
Daniella Kertesz stars as Segen.
David Morse and Matthew Fox also star amongst others.


Ex-UN employee Gerry Lane is enjoying family life. On a normal day, sat in traffic with his family, panic hits the streets of Philadelphia when scores of zombies start attacking everyone, with those bitten quickly turning zombie themselves. Gerry and his family manage to escape the ensuing attacks, with word from former colleague Thierry Umutoni (Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations) that a helicopter will be sent to rescue Gerry and his family.

The Lanes make it to an apartment block, where they make it to the rooftop narrowly escaping attacking zombies where a rescue team awaits them. They are whisked away to a US Navy ship where with the help of analysts and the military are able to observe the extent of the pandemic.

World War Z Scene
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On the advice of Dr. Andrew Fassbach, a vaccine can only be found if the origin of the virus is located, thus forcing Gerry Lane to investigate the virus if he is to keep his family safe.

Gerry’s investigations take him to South Korea, Jerusalem and Wales where each have experienced the origins of zombies in some form or another.
With time running out, and the population quickly dwindling away, Gerry must find a cure any which way, especially if he is to save his family.


This movie came with a lot of hype and delivered partially. It wasn’t the big summer blockbuster film I was expecting as it was somewhat lacking in the action. The trailers cover the best bits of the films, with little else left in the film itself.
It’s safe to say not even Brad Pitt could save this movie, this so called world war against the zombies was absent, unfortunately with Brad Pitt as the star billing they made it too family friendly i.e. no gore what-so-ever!
Overall it’s worth a watch but don’t expect any sort of fear to hit you.

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