Movie Review: Warm Bodies (2013)

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Warn Bodies movie poster
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Just when you’ve seen most genres, up pops a totally new one. Warm Bodies is a zombie rom-com, well I lie; not a comedy as such but it does have its funny moments.

It’s directed by Jonathan Levine, and he brings a new twist in the zombie genre in that the movie is told from a zombie perspective.

Actors/ Characters

Nicholas Hoult plays the zombie in question: R as we are to know him by who also provides most of the voice-overs for his character so we get a good feel of his character. Teresa Palmer plays Julie Grigio, with whom our zombie friend becomes enamoured with.

Rob Corddry plays a supporting role as M, a zombie friend of R while John Malkovich plays Colonel Grigio.


With most of the population turned into zombies, we find R lumbering around an airport where he occasionally bumps into his zombie friend M. R is no ordinary zombie as he shows signs of humanity still left within him, evident by his near conversations with M and his solace in music in his aeroplane hideout. Dish of the day for R is human brains, as he can relive the memories of his victims which provide R with a moment of joy.

Elsewhere, Julie and her friends are sent out from their walled city to get supplies by her father Colonel Grigio.

As R and other zombies are out looking for food, they come across Julie and friends who attack the zombies, but R finds himself strangely attracted to Julie. This attraction grows stronger when he kills and eats the brain of Julie’s boyfriend, Perry. R helps Julie by saving her from the other zombies and takes her back to his aeroplane.

R continues to protect Julie as she slowly realises that there is still something left inside him that keeps him human. The more they bond the more human qualities he starts to show.

Julie must show her father that the zombies can be cured. R and Julie have a battle on their hands, on one hand they must persuade her father and the other humans that zombies aren’t all bad, on the other hand they have grave danger waiting in the form of Boneys – zombies who have no human qualities remaining and are beyond cure.


Warm Bodies is a great twist on the zombie genre. I believe there’s enough in this movie to satisfy both the diehard zombie fans as well as romantic movie fans. I’ve read where people are comparing this to the Twilight movies, and I can see the similarities because of the romantic implications, but I find myself comparing it to I Am Legend for some strange reason, maybe because I see this as more of a zombie film than a romantic film.

Nicholas Hoult does a good job of playing R and equally Rob Corddry does a good job supporting him as M. Both of them make the film worth watching and also make the movie funny to watch when on screen.

Overall, I would say a definite watch and good start for 2013 in the Zombie genre.

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