Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises

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The Dark Knight Rises
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Running time: 162 minutes 

Director Christopher Nolan commenced his Bruce Wayne’s stories in 2005 with BATMAN BEGINS, and then in 2008 his successful second in THE DARK KNIGHT and now concludes the trilogy with THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. 

After the death of Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne runs himself into seclusion after taking the plank. 8 years on Bruce Wayne’s (Christian Bale) physical and mental states have declined significantly. Gotham City for now is at peace until Bane (Tom Hardy) a terrorist in the making decides to follow in the shadows of Ra’s al Ghul to finish the job of which he started, which is to destroy Gotham City for good.

Scene from The Dark Knight Rises
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Gotham a city his father built and close to his heart, Batman is forced out of retirement or shall I say hiding, to face the evil Bane from destroying Gotham City for good. Batman has finally met his match in this one.


I will not spoil the plot for you but overall The Dark Knight Rises is a great film. The opening scenes are sensational and would recommend that you see it. It has a classical film feel to it which I mean in a good way.

My only complaint is the pacing and how it starts off great but then goes to an awkward montage and then very slowly starts to build itself back up. Batman Begins had a full on straight through pacing which never died till the end. The Dark Knight was the same way but The Dark Knight Rises just lacked that I feel.

Overall as a concluding film it is a great film…

Tom Hardy is excellent in his role as BANE. Certainly worth the money!



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