Star Trek Into Darkness 3D (2013): Movie Review

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The Star Trek franchise continues with the release of Star Trek Into Darkness. I’m not much of a trekkie but I do like sci-fi movies, so for this reason I decided to go watch this at our local cinema with some friends.

Star Trek Into Darkness is a sequel to the 2009 Star Trek film, and if memory serves me correctly, I did enjoy Star Trek. I was even more optimistic in the knowledge that J.J. Abrams was at the helm once again.

Actors/ Characters

The majority of the actors from Star Trek return in this movie, with Chris Pine reprising his role as James T Kirk. Zachary Quinto reprises his role as Commander Spock while Zoe Saldana returns as Nyota Uhura. Karl Urban plays Dr Leonard McCoy or as most people know him as “Bones” while Simon Pegg plays Montgomery “Scotty” Scott. John Cho once again plays Hikaru Sulu and Anton Yelchin plays Pavel Chekov.
Benedict Cumberbatch is a new addition to the casting as he plays John Harrison/ Khan while Bruce Greenwood plays Christopher Pike and finally Peter Weller starring as Alexander Marcus.
Alice Eve also stars with a cameo from Leonard Nimoy.

The USS Enterprise is on a routine mission to observe and protect a primitive civilisation whilst remaining inconspicuous. However, on a mission to rescue Spock, the Enterprise reveals itself to the civilisation for which Captain James T Kirk is demoted for violating the Prime Directive which stipulates that there can be no interference in the development of alien civilisations especially when they are primitive.

Back in London, John Harrison instigates a bombing to get the attention of the Starfleet members. John Harrison, a former Starfleet agent, attacks an emergency meeting attended by Admiral Pike and now demoted First Officer Kirk. Kirk is able to destroy the gunship but John Harrison escapes after the loss of Admiral Pike.
Kirk receives news that John Harrison is hiding out in Kronos, home to the Klingons. Admiral Marcus re-instates Kirk as the captain of the Enterprise and to hunt down John, arming the Enterprise with 72 photon torpedoes.

On Kronos, Kirk is persuaded to capture John rather than kill him. After surrendering, John reveals himself to be Khan. He divulges more and more information how Admiral Marcus released him from his suspended animation for his superior knowledge on weaponry.

Star Trek Into Darkness
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However, Admiral Marcus’s plans are to create super weapons in a bid to start a war on the Klingons, and Kirk and Khan were mere pawns in his game. The Enterprise will face its toughest opponent in the USS Vengeance, a ship created purely for war, whilst Kirk will have to lead by example to save his crew from threats posed by Khan and Admiral Marcus.


It’s always a pleasure catching up on the Star Trek franchise but Into Darkness left a feeling of inadequacy. It could have been so much more but we’re left with if only situations. The movie had the potential to be an epic but didn’t quite deliver on that front, I mean why introduce a character as powerful as Khan and his probably equally powerful crew and not to develop that side of the story, we could have been looking at an epic battle.

On a plus note, the actors are doing a good job of their roles as we’re getting used to Chris Pine being Kirk and Zachary Quinto plays a good Spock.

One thing I was majorly disappointed with was the 3D aspect. Wow, what a waste of money watching it in 3D. There was nothing in the movie that represented the 3D apart from maybe the credits. If you’re going to watch this then I highly recommend watching it in 2D.

Overall, it’s a decent film which had the potential to be a great film.

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