Movie Review: Prometheus (2012)

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Prometheus 2012
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Prometheus garnered much hype in part due to it being labelled as a prequel to the Alien franchise. With that hype I was equally excited to see what the movie had in store. However, director Ridley Scott does clarify that this is not a direct prequel to Alien (1979) although it does happen in the same universe.

With Alien, it was one of a kind for its time and genre and I was excited to think that Prometheus has some sort of connection to the Alien franchise.

Actors/ Characters
Noomi Rapace plays Elizabeth Shaw, the main protagonist. Michael Fassbinder plays David, a human like android. The movie also stars Guy Pearce, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba and Logan Marshall-Green amongst others.

Archaeologists Elizabeth and Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) discover that hidden amongst ancient cultures which span many centuries, a map to the distant stars. Elizabeth concludes that this is an invitation to seek out the “Engineers” and with funding from Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce), set for LV-223 aboard the Prometheus.

Arriving 4 years later, the crew after awakening from stasis are briefed on their mission, which is to seek out the Engineers. They land near an artificially made structure as they prepare to investigate.
While investigating, they find cylinders with dark liquid as well as an alien corpse, believed to be that of an Engineer. Elizabeth discovers that the alien DNA matches that of humans, and the greatest question “Where Do We Come From?” has just been answered.

Still from Prometheus 2012
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Meanwhile, David is more concerned with the dark liquid and finding an Engineer still alive to fulfill his personal mission. Having found an Engineer in stasis, he is awoken as it soon becomes apparent the Engineers true intent on mankind, which is to destroy it.
It comes down to Elizabeth to save mankind from its impending doom, and a personal mission to discover the reasons the Engineers create and destroy life.


Overall the movie wasn’t too bad considering it wants to disconnect itself from the Alien franchise. If I had to rate it then I’d probably rate it 7/10.

I felt that the movie was very pleasing visually but somewhat lacking in the character department as I couldn’t really find myself siding with any of the characters including Elizabeth. Hopefully, we will get to see new side to Elizabeth’s character in any forthcoming sequel.

I often find myself asking questions like “Where do we come from, why are we here?” and it’s great to find a movie tackling these questions, and with this in mind I am very much looking forward to the sequel. The more I think about Prometheus, the more I start to like it.

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