Kick-Ass 2 (2013): Movie Review

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The sequel to the highly popular Kick Ass is here. I have to admit the movie itself I thoroughly enjoyed, and you could say it kicked ass. So without a doubt I was going to watch the sequel Kick Ass 2, I mean, who doesn’t like superhero movies.

Jeff Wadlow takes the step up in directing the sequel, with Brad Pitt and Matthew Vaughn (who previously directed Kick Ass) assisting as Producers.

Actors/ Characters

Aaron Taylor-Johnson reprises his role as Kick Ass/ Dave Lizewski while Chloe Grace Moretz returns as Hit Girl/ Mindy Macready. Christopher Mintz-Plasse also returns as Chris D’Amico aka The Motherfucker.

Jim Carrey stars as Colonel Stars and Stripes whilst Clarke Duke plays Marty aka Battle Guy.
John Leguizamo also stars amongst a host of other stars.


Dave Lizewski and Mindy Macready have now retired from their alter egos Kick Ass and Hit Girl trying to lead the lives of normal teens. However, they find that normal life is not as easy as it seems.

Dave looks upto Mindy as a proper hero and emulates to be like her, so she agrees to train him up.

Elsewhere, Chris D’Amico is still seeking his revenge against Kick Ass; however, his mother tries to persuade him to let it be. Accidentally, Chris ends up killing his mum under a tanning bed. Now the sole heir to their vast wealth, Chris re-invents himself as “The Motherfucker”.

Having promised to lead a normal life, Dave and Mindy split up after trying to revive a Kick Ass and Hit Girl partnership. Dave’s path leads him to Colonel Stars and Stripes and his team of heroes “Justice Forever”.

Kick Ass 2 Scene
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The Motherfucker buys himself an army of villains in a bid to topple Kick Ass and his growing army of heroes. They go round attacking the heroes individually eventually attacking and killing Dave’s father.

Grief stricken, Dave decides to give up on being Kick Ass before any more people are hurt, but eventually realises that his true destiny is being a superhero. He and Hit Girl must do everything in their power to stop The Motherfucker and his army of supervillains before it’s too late.


I have to say I was utterly disappointed with what I saw. Comparing it to the first one and it’s a huge downgrade. Let me state that I am only going purely on the movies themselves and have never read the comics so I do not know how true to the comics they have been.

The first Kick Ass was all about Dave/ Kick Ass and his journey into hero status but this sequel spent too much time and wasted effort in trying to make it all about Hit Girl, not to mention throwing in trying to make them normal teens and the issues with being a teen. This is supposed to be a movie about superheroes, not a teen drama.

Overall, quite disappointed with what they churned out here, I guess they need Matthew Vaughn back at the helm again.

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