Movie Review: Joker (2012)

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Joker Poster
Images courtesy of Bollywood Hungama

Running Time: 103 minutes

Hitting our screens is the Bollywood comedy/ sci-fi movie Joker. Going by the trailers it had an interesting theme; Crop Circles, something Bollywood has never previously touched upon.

Joker is directed by Shirish Kunder; whose last foray into directing was the 2006 film Jaan-E-Mann, which also happened to be his debut as a Director. The movie is produced by Farah Khan and Akshay Kumar.


The joker of the pack is none other than Akshay Kumar who plays Agastya/ Sattu. Sonakshi Sinha pairs up with Akshay Kumar once again to play the love interest as Diva. Shreyas Talpade plays a supporting role as Babban.

The movie also stars Minisha Lamba, Asrani and Darshan Jariwala amongst others.


Joker is set in the village of Paglapur. A village that is here nor there and due to an incident back in 1947, the village has no place in the maps of India or Pakistan. The village has been overtaken by the inmates of a nearby mental asylum who have driven away the original villagers.

60 years on, the village remains as it was, unseen to the outside world and isolated with the most basic of amenities; till now that is!

Agastya is a NASA scientist working on a communication device to contact life outside of earth.  Agastya originally hails from Paglapur, and due to family problems his path takes him away from the comfort of his US life to the misadventures of Paglapur, joined by his girlfriend Diva.

Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha in Joker 2012

It turns out to be a ploy by his father to get Agastya back to Paglapur to help the villagers out, as they’re starved of even basic needs like water and electricity.

After much persuasion, Agastya takes it on himself to put Paglapur well and truly on the global map with the aid of some crop circles.

Now the whole world, possibly the universe, will have their eyes on Paglapur.

The question is will Paglapur get its place in the history books? Who will lay claim to the village of Paglapur? Be sure to watch it to find out the answers…


First of all I’ll say that I really liked the concept of this film, and as mentioned earlier Bollywood films haven’t explored crop circles before. However, I thought the execution of this concept was quite poor. I know they wanted to make this a family film, but at least make a decent attempt it, I mean this does nothing for the Bollywood industry but drag it down.

Maybe it could have done without the comedy element, and had this been a serious sci-fi film, it could have had many positives coming from it. I mean the general premise of getting Paglapur back on the map is a serious one so why make a hash of it by making it into an unfunny comedy.

After seeing Akshay getting back to action movies in Rowdy Rathore, which I thought he was really good in, why he decided to do this is way beyond me. Same goes for Sonakshi Sinha; her character was so irrelevant that it added nothing to the movie.

The less said about Shreyas Talpade’s character discovering a new universal language, the better.

The songs in the movie were nothing to rave about, with the only decent one being “Kaafirana” where Chitrangada Singh made an appearance.

Akshay Kumar needs to get back to what he used to do best, and that is action films. If Sonakshi is to make it in this industry then she needs to stay away from these kinds of comedy capers.

Overall, Joker is worth watching once, although I won’t be rushing ever again to watch it.

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