Grand Masti (2013): Bollywood Movie Review

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It’s hard to believe that it’s almost a decade since we last saw the fun and frolics of the movie that was Masti. Here we are once again, with the recent release of Grand Masti, where the fun and frolics are expected to be bigger.

With Indra Kumar (Director) and Ashok Thakeria (Producer) both at the helm, we should see as much mayhem as their previous movie Masti.

Actors/ Characters

Vivek Oberoi, Aftab Shivdasani and Riteish Deshmukh return once again as Meet, Prem and Amar. Sonalee Kulkarni stars as Mamta, wife of Amar. Manjari Fadnis plays Tulsi, wife of Prem whilst Karishma Tanna plays Unatti, wife of Meet.

Maryam Zakaria, Bruna Abdullah and Kainaat Arora stars as Rose, Mary and Marlo. Pradeep Rawat stars as Robert Pereira.
Suresh Menon also stars as Hardik.


The movie starts in the college years of Meet, Prem and Amar as they teach the true meaning of the ABCD college style as in Asses, Boobs well you get the idea.

Fast forward 6 years and they’re all in a dull marriage. Meet is married to Unatti, who just happens to be his boss in their workplace and she would rather spend long days in the office in her bid to be rich and successful.

Prem is married to Tulsi, who spends more time tending to the needs of the family than that of her husband.

Amar is married to Mamta, who spends every minute of her time tending to their new baby.

All 3 bored in their respective marriages get a chance at excitement as they receive a call from their college for a reunion. They once again dream of the wild times they had when they were in college and jump at the chance to go back to their college. For them it gets even better when they realise that their wives cannot make it.

As they arrive at college, their dreams of a wild weekend are shattered when they realise the college isn’t quite what it used to be as Principal Robert Pereira has laid down some heavy ground rules i.e. girls must be fully clothed, boys are not to romance girls etc.

Grand Masti Scene
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However, nothing is going to stand in the way of Meet, Amar and Prem in having a wild weekend away from their wives especially when the sexy trio of Rose, Mary and Marlo turn up all the while trying to stay away from the prying eyes of the principal.

Things get even more heated up when their wives turn up unexpectedly. Their return to college will see the men learn a grand lesson in life, something maybe they should have learnt the first time around.


Grand Masti is bordering on grand disaster. There are so many sex related jokes which have been taken from Hollywood. It tries to be an American Pie but fails miserably. Whilst the first Masti was a light-hearted affair into the lives of 3 bored married men, Grand Masti just takes it way over the top in its adult humour which wasn’t remotely funny.

Another thing I don’t get is that this is a sequel where the 3 male characters return, yet for some reason the wives are changed. I could accept if the actresses changed but here we have the 3 male characters married to 3 new wives. If it’s supposed to be a new story then why not run it with new faces and characters.

Grand Masti was a big letdown, and something I wouldn’t recommend you watch, especially if you’re planning to sit down with your parents to watch this.

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