Go Goa Gone (2013): Bollywood Movie Review

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Bollywood has taken a huge stride, or maybe a gamble, with the release of Go Goa Gone. You may be asking yourself why? But the reason is that Go Goa Gone is billed as Bollywood’s first mainstream Zombie movie.

Directed by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K, they have taken this bold step that no one had dared before.
Bollywood is slowly starting to catch up with the times and moving away from its traditional movies, which can only be a good thing as I believe the movie going viewers are ready for some new ideas in the industry.

Actors/ Characters

The movie stars Saif Ali Khan as Boris, a Russian mafia. Kunal Khemu plays Hardik while Vir Das plays Luv, Hardik’s sidekick.
Anand Tiwari plays Bunny with Luna being played by Puja Gupta.


Hardik and Luv are two slackers who like nothing better than smoking weed and girls and have jobs they’re not really interested in. Their room-mate Bunny is the only one that tries to keep them on the straight and narrow.
As fate would have it, Hardik loses his job and Luv loses his girlfriend so in order to get over their losses they tag along with Bunny to Goa, who is to do a presentation for his company.

While in Goa, Luv meets Luna who invites him to an underground rave party run by the Russian mafia.
The party, on a private island, proves to be everything Hardik and Luv could have dreamed of where a new rave drug is launched.

However, the next day the drug proves to have serious side-effects as it turns those who use it into zombies.
Luckily for Hardik, Luv and Bunny they couldn’t afford to buy the drug, but that’s the least of their problems as the island is over-run with zombies and they must find a way off the island. With that in mind they go to rescue Luna, who in turn are rescued by Boris, the party organiser.

Go Goa Gone scene
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With weapons at his disposal, they are able to do away with the zombies but there are still far too many of them and must get off the island at any cost and get back to mainland Goa.


By far one of the best Zombie movies I have seen in a long time. The fact that it is Bollywood’s first zombie film and made to a very high standard makes it all the more special.

Hardik and Luv make two great characters and their comedy is top notch with the addition of Bunny, even Saif Ali Khan was very good in this especially with his take on the Russian accent. These four characters definitely make the movie, with Puja Gupta there as they needed a female in the group and to provide a bit of a love interest for Luv.

The fact this is Bollywood’s first zombie film is also used in comedic situations in the film where Hardik and Luv make a play on the fact they have never heard of zombies before, at one point even thinking they might be vampires.

The casting was spot on, as was the special effects for the zombies. The comedy aspect was really good as were the songs, especially “Babaji Ki Booti”.

Overall, this is a must watch movie for all zombie fans out there.

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