Movie Review: Action Replayy

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Vipul Shah [Director] brings his fifth creation to the big screen with ACTION REPLAYY and the audience have high expectations, as Vipul’s previous films [Aankhen, Waqt, Namastey London and Singh in King] have been remarkable.  Also, ACTION REPLAYY brings two of Bollywood’s most talented, versatile and good looking stars together, AKSHAY KUMAR AND AISHWARYA RAI BACHCHAN and the film creates the bygone era so the Industry and audience were forced to wait for this flick.


Bunty [Aditya Roy Kapur] loves his girlfriend Tanya but he cannot marry her since he is afraid of marriage after seeing the rancorous matrimony of his parents Kishen [Akshay Kumar] and Mala [Aishwarya Rai Bachchan].  Tanya’s granddad, Professor Anthony Gonsalves [Randhir Kapoor] is a scientist and orders Bunty to either marry Tanya or leave her, hence Bunty decides to use the Professor’s time machine to visit the past when his parents were not married and transform their disastrous matrimony into a love marriage.

However, Bunty throws himself into a huge challenge as he has to change Kishen [Akshay] from a wimp to a handsome, intelligent and confident bachelor and Mala [Aishwarya] from a tomboy into a sweet and beautiful girl.  Not only this, but Bunty has to make both Kishen and Mala love, respect and marry each other although Kishen’s father [Om Puri] and Mala’s mother [Kirron Kher] are sworn enemies.

The script is certainly interesting however it has not been delivered with panache of Vipul’s previous works which is quite disappointing.  Since, the time machine used to go back in time does not look realistic and the film fails to convince the audience that time travel is possible.  Also, the climax should be most entertaining part of the film however it is far from entertaining and the long chase fails to be humorous in any way.


Both AKI and ASH perform their roles convincingly well, AKI climbs into the skin of the character by looking like completely unattractive and a wimp and you feel for him when he gets bullied and frightened by Mala [Aishwarya Rai] and Kundan [Rannvijay].  ASH enacts the over-the-top role of Mala as if she wrote the role of her own character; she performs the role of Mala immensely well.  Both the stars have reflected their high talent by performing both the young and old parts effortlessly well.

Aditya Roy Kapur delivers an outstanding performance; it is a huge achievement to stand out when you are a newcomer performing amongst two of the best stars, AKSHAY AND AISHWARYA.  Aditya delivers his character effortlessly and persuasively, he is to watch out for!


Pritam’s music quite good and all the tracks are likeable in their own way- ‘Zor Ka Jhatka’ is humorous and fits in well with the concept of the movie, ‘Nakre’ is danceable, ‘O Bekhabar’ is melodious and ‘Chhan Ke Mohalla’ is a delight to hear and watch.


It is a good movie which creates the bygone era beautifully, the performances by AKSHAY, AISHWARYA and ADITYA are outstanding, music is great and concept is fantastic yet the delivery of the screenplay faults at places.

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