Movie Review – Skyline (2010)

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Skyline Movie Poster
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With a relatively unknown cast it was interesting to see what Skyline had to offer other than a standard alien invasion movie. Planned as a series of movies, Skyline is the first of many (depending on the box office returns of course) which puts you right in the middle of the action.

The Strause Brothers (Greg and Colin) move from the special effects department to the director’s seat with this sci-fi thriller.

Actor/ Characters

Eric Balfour leads the cast as Jarrod while Scottie Thompson plays Elaine. Brittany Daniel plays Candice and Donald Faison of “Scrubs” plays Terry. The movie also stars Davis Zayas as Oliver.


Set in Los Angeles, we are literally thrown right into the mix of it. Streams of blue lights descend from the early morning sky.

Prior to that – some 15 hours before that, Jarrod and Elaine have flown into Los Angeles for the birthday party of friend Terry who has a business proposition for Jarrod. With the party in full swing at Terry’s penthouse apartment, Elaine confesses to Jarrod that she is pregnant.

Early the next morning, Elaine is woken up by what she thinks is sunlight until she hears screams from next door by Denise (Crystal Reed) who has just witnessed Ray (Neil Hopkins) disappear after becoming entranced by a blue light. Jarrod runs next door and looks into the light and he too becomes entranced but Terry manages to pull him away just in time.

Scene from Skyline 2010
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It soon becomes apparent that the lights stem from alien ships who are abducting humans by their 1,000’s. After witnessing the horrors from the rooftops, Jarrod and Terry run to the safety of their apartment but soon learn that nowhere is safe as aliens small and large are running amok.

With the military pushed back and the alien ships being almost invincible like, it becomes a fight for survival for Jarrod who must do everything he can to protect Elaine and their unborn child.

With danger lurking around every corner, can the friends make it to safety without being abducted? Or in a twist will we see humanity destroyed for once?


The first thing I said to my friends when I saw this movie was that it was a very good SyFy channel movie and that had it had better actors it could have actually been very good in the same way that Independence Day was very good because of Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum.

The movie is a bit of an amalgamation of various movies like Independence Day, Cloverfield and War of the Worlds but not as good as them obviously.

The bad thing was that you just didn’t feel much for the characters at all, and given that they were stuck in an inescapable situation you just didn’t really care for them.

However, I’d like to end this movie review on a positive so I’ll say that for its reported $10m budget the special effects were very good. It makes you wonder how other movies end up spending $100’s of millions on effects.

As far as alien invasion movies go, it’s not the best, but it certainly isn’t the worst.

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