Monsters Vs Aliens (2009)

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Monsters Vs Aliens
Poster via IMP Awards

This is an animated film that should appeal to all ages. Although I have to say it was somewhat lacking slightly in the action department, though most people will not be too disappointed.

It’s the wedding day of Susan (voiceover by Reese Witherspoon) and Derek (Paul Rudd). Susan is as happy as any bride-to-be can be, however, Derek is more career orientated, as shown by his sudden change in their Honeymoon destination from romantic Paris to Fresno. While outside on her own, she gets hit by a meteorite, and survives to make it to the altar. However, a transformation soon starts to materialise as she starts growing taller and taller, and soon she’s nearly 50ft tall. The military act swiftly and capture her, and take here away to a secret government base. Here she meets a misfit bunch of monsters. There are 4 other characters that create Team Monster, Dr Cockroach Ph.D, The Missing Link, B.O.B and Insectosaurus. Even Susan is given a new alias; she is to be now known as Ginormica. Under the guidance of General W.R.Monger (Kiefer Sutherland), they are sent out to battle a huge alien robot that has landed on earth. The robot was sent by Gallaxhar, to retrieve the quantonium that is residing within Ginormica, and Gallaxhar will use this quantonium to take over the universe. However, Ginormica and her monster friends manage to destroy the robot. This infuriates Gallaxhar, and takes it upon himself to retrieve the quantonium, so sets his destination to Earth. On arrival to Earth, he makes his intentions to the people of the world very clear, to destroy everyone. Once again, the Monsters must battle again, this time to save the planet from extinction.

I will leave you to find out for yourself how the lovable Monsters get on in their battle against the Aliens. Dr Cockroach and B.O.B provide all the humour, and they do it really well.

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