Legion (2010)

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I have to be honest and say I went into this movie with little expectation and knowing very little about it. That probably worked out for the best, as I came out quite liking the movie. Now, if you’re the type of person who loves to shred movies of it’s every detail then you may not enjoy this movie as much, however, if like me you go with little expectations, you might come out surprising yourself. This movie does raise lots of questions, and it’s probably for the best not to try and answer them and just go along with the entertainment.

The general premise of the movie is that God has lost faith in mankind, due to how mankind has turned on each other through conflicts and wars. And God’s answer to all this, is to wipe out the human race. Angels from heaven are sent to do his dastardly deeds. However, one still has faith in the human race, and that angel is Michael (Paul Bettany). His new mission becomes one of great importance to the very existence of humanity. One last hope for humanity remains in the unborn child of waitress Charlie (Adrianne Palicki), although we’re never really given an explanation as to how the baby is the saviour. Charlie is a pregnant waitress at a diner/ garage aptly named Paradise Falls, out in the desert. The Angel Michael arrives to protect Charlie as Paradise Falls is about to bear the wrath of god. Most of the film takes place here, as all manner of humans possessed by Angels arrive at the diner in a bid to kill Charlie and her unborn child. However, Michael is aided in his quest to save humanity by the diner owner Bob (Dennis Quaid), his son Jeep (Lucas Black), Percy the chef (Charles S.Dutton), Kyle (Tyrese Gibson) and a family whose car has broken down at the diner. It soon becomes evident that the Angels that were sent are no match for Michael and his rag-tag team, so Archangel Gabriel takes it upon himself to kill Charlie. A battle ensues between Michael and Gabriel, and Gabriel proves to be too strong for Michael, and it seems all hope is now lost.

How can going against God help Michael save humanity? Are Gabriel’s actions through God’s instructions greater than Michael’s faith in humanity? I will let you watch the rest of the movie and leave you to find out for yourselves. If you don’t read too much into the movie, you may just like it, I certainly did.

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