Knowing (2009)

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Looks like this is the year of the disaster movies, and this by no means is any different. I for one am a big fan of big budget disaster films.

The year is 1959, where the movie first starts, a classroom full of children are asked to draw up ideas of they think the future in 50 years will look like, these drawings are to be buried in a time capsule, to be unearthed 50 years later in the year 2009. The drawings are made, apart from those of one mysterious girl, Lucinda, who hears strange voices, writes down what appears to be a list of random numbers, and the time capsule is buried.

Fast forward to the year 2009, it’s the opening ceremony of the time capsule. Each child is receives the original drawing, but one child Caleb (Chandler Canterbury) receives a series of random numbers as created by Lucinda 50 years ago. Caleb too now starts to hear these strange voices and is followed by some mysterious men. It’s not long before his father, an MIT professor, John Koestler (Nicholas Cage), deciphers the series of numbers. It transpires that the numbers represents dates and casualties of disasters that have occurred past and present, with 3 disasters left according to the premonitions. It’s not long before he’s right in the middle of the 1st of the 3 disasters, as John Koestler is caught up in traffic on the highway, he goes to investigate further up the highway, and an aeroplane crashes not far from the highway. This only confirms what exactly that piece of paper with the numbers means, dates, casualties and locations of the disasters. With the information at hand, he must now try and avert the forthcoming disasters. Meanwhile John gets in touch with Lucinda’s daughter; Diana (Rose Byrne) and her daughter to see if they know any more about their mother Lucinda, all to no avail.

The mysterious men continue to follow John, Caleb, Diana and her daughter.

Who are they? What do they want? Why are they after the 4 characters of the film? The answers arrive at the end of the movie, and it’s worth waiting for, as the ending has a nice little twist, one which personally I didn’t see coming.

If ever a movie has a sad ending and a happy ending then Knowing has it. So, if you like your action/ disaster movies, then I’m sure you will enjoy this one too.

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