Killers (2010)

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Killers Poster
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I’m sort of glad I got the chance to see Killers, because recently I’ve been watching movies that have turned out to be good or better than good. So I was wondering when I’ll watch a movie that I didn’t like, thankfully Killers is that film.

The general plot of the movie is that Spencer (Ashton Kutcher) is a contract killer, whose next target takes him to Nice, France. While there, he lays his eyes on Jen (Katherine Heigl), and they soon start to fall for each other. The minor stumbling block being how he’s going to tell her he is a killer, so he doesn’t tell her.

Fast forward 3 years, and Spencer and Jen are married, with Spencer now living a normal life away from all the killings and living in a lovely neighbourhood. However, his old boss tries to recruit him back in the killing business, but Spencer refuses.

His old boss ends up dead, and Spencer learns there is a bounty on his head and from here on the movie just gets silly beyond all levels, as anyone and everyone, the postman, the neighbours, friends etc all turn out to be contract killers. So not only does Spencer have to deal with killers after him, but also a pregnant wife on the verge of walking out on him. So much for having a normal life for Spencer.

Scene from Killers
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One must wonder who actually gave the scriptwriters the contracts. It was terrible. Firstly, I just couldn’t see the chemistry between Ashton and Katherine, secondly, Ashton is no James Bond as he just doesn’t carry the part of Spencer well at all, and thirdly, the acting was bad with Ashton more of a culprit than Katherine.

One thing is for sure, I wouldn’t watch this movie again, and would also think twice about watching another Ashton Kutcher film in the future.

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