Jennifer’s Body (2009)

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Jennifer's Body
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How appropriate that this horror flick should take place in a small American town called Devils Kettle. This teen horror movie actually isn’t too bad, with a few jumps here and there. Jennifer’s Body is a dark comedy horror film that should appeal to those who are into teen horrors.

The movie stars Megan fox as “Jennifer” and Amanda Seyfried as her less than confident introvert friend “needy”. I cannot think of a better actress than Megan Fox to play the role Jennifer, and she really laps it up in this role. I love how her character easily switches from sexiness to run-as-fast-as-you-can scariness. This movie also highlights more of Megan’s acting ability, although not Oscar standards, she definitely has more to her than just a pretty face.

Jennifer and Needy are best friends since childhood, Jennifer is the girl all the boys want, and Needy, is the shy reserved girl who hides behind her geeky look. Both girls are miles apart in their outlook and lifestyle, yet they share an uncanny, almost telepathic relationship where one can almost sense the other is about to approach. Jennifer, the girl with the beauty on the outside, and Needy with the beauty within her, just dying to come out, but she’s unable to be upstaged by the very outspoken Jennifer.

A mysterious new band called “Low Shoulder” arrives in Devils Kettle, and Jennifer persuades Needy to go see this band. As they perform, it’s not long before the bar they’re performing in starts to burn down. The band, Jennifer and Needy manage to escape. The lead singer persuades Jennifer to come with them to somewhere a lot safer, but Needy is hesitant, and she watches her friend being driven away, little realising she’s about to be sacrificed as part of a satanic ritual in return for fame and fortune for the band. The problem being the ritual requires the sacrifice to be a virgin, something Jennifer is now, and hence she is possessed by a demon.

Next day, Jennifer comes back home, but Needy senses that all is not well with Jennifer and at this moment in time she cannot put her finger on the problem. It’s not long before the murder count in Devils Kettle increases, with each body supposedly being eaten by something or someone. Jennifer has picked up an insatiable appetite for human flesh, mainly those of the boys in her high school, and she must keep feeding to keep herself looking good and vibrant. This is evident in the movie when she starts to look “normal” is she has not eaten flesh for a few days. It seems next on the menu is Needys bf “Chip”, and Needy must somehow find a way to stop her best friend going on a major munch fest.

Overall not a bad movie if you like your teen horror movies, with the added bonus of Megan Fox, I must also say that Amanda Seyfried was just as good in this movie, and they were perfectly cast for their respective roles

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