Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)

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Hot Tub Time Machine
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After viewing Accepted in 2006 I knew that director Steve Pink was a gifted one but I knew he was capable of a lot more, this is definitely what I have been waiting for. Nope, you don’t need a DeLorean to time travel in this film, all you need to do is get drunk with your best friends and chill in a hot tub for the night, and boom you go back in time.

I bet many people will be put off this film just by the title, and say “hey that sounds silly let’s watch something else!” If that is the case then they will miss out on one of the funniest films of the year so far.

After surviving his own accidental suicide Lou is taken to the place him and his friends used to visit as teenagers, just to make him feel a bit happier about his life, equally as bored with their current lives, friends Adam, Jacob, Nick Webber all accompany him. When they visit Kodiak Resort, the place where they used to party in their youth, they soon discover it isn’t as great as it was all those years ago, quickly in a hunt for something to do they discover a hot tub in their garden. After a night of drunken madness things turn hay wire as when they wake up they discover everyone is wearing bright clothing and Michael Jackson is still black.

Hot Tub Time Machine
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Friends back in time

An interesting point is that John Cusack was in some of his best films in the 80’s so to see him time travel back into this decade is a cool experience to endure. Although he isn’t as funny as his friends in this film he manages to bring this motion picture a sense of realism as it could have easily been over the top.

We see the return of Grispin Glover on the big screen which will definitely turn a lot of heads, somehow he still looks just as he did in ‘Back To The Future‘. Also joining him in making this film feel rather 80’s is Chevy Chase, famous for his ‘National Lampoon Vacation’ films he plays the man who is fixing the Hot Tub to try and get the guys back to the future.

This film is so much better than I had anticipated, a lot of critics have said this film is a mix of The Hangover and Back to The Future, and I can not agree more with that statement.

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