Hisss 2010 – Movie Review

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Hisss Movie Poster
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It’s always intriguing to see something adventurous when it comes to the Bollywood industry. We’re so used to seeing the Shah Rukh Romantic films, the Akshay Kumar Comedies or the Salman Khan Action films, but every now and then something different like Hisss comes along.

Hisss is an East and West fusion, as it’s directed by Jennifer Lynch – the daughter of David Lynch, while Robert Kurtzman was brought in to handle the special effects.

Actors/ Characters

Mallika Sherawat plays the role of the Nagin (the fabled Snake Woman), and i’m sure she must have been paid handsomely for a role that has her speak not even one line in the movie. Irrfan Khan plays a cop while Jeff Doucette plays George States. There is also a supporting role from Divya Dutta.


According to Indian myth there exists what is called a Naag Mani (a sacred pearl) entrusted to the king of cobras. The pearl bestows upon the holder untold riches and power, but finding the King Cobra is rare.

The movie begins with the introduction of the Naag Mani many thousands of years ago, and how the greed of mankind will be there downfall as a few tribesmen try to steal the Naag Mani.

Fast forward to the present day, George States is in pursuit of the Naag Mani in a bid to use its power to rid him of his cancer. He finds both the male and female cobras, and captures the male cobra as the female gets away.

Realising that the female cobra has the Naag Mani, George tortures the snake in the knowledge that sooner or later the female will show up.

Elsewhere, the female cobra is able to shape shift into human form through the Naag Mani. This is where Mallika comes in as she takes in the role of the Nagin, out on a mission of vengeance and to find her lover.

As the body count increases, it is up to Irrfan Khan’s inspector to get to the bottom of the murders, and maybe, just maybe he may be able to find out that not all myths are myths.


This is a film only Mallika Sherawat could have done, as she is the only one who dares to push the boundaries of Bollywood. Why? You may ask, well simply because the movie does have some nudity scenes which is unlike any Bollywood film, and very few actresses would bare all in Asian films, that aside, the movie probably needed more of the snake moments, rather than more of Mallika. As far as the overall aspect of the movie, it wasn’t too bad but as far as scripting goes, it certainly isn’t the best.

The special effects weren’t too bad either, especially when the snake morphs into human form, however on odd occasions the fangs looked like something from your local toy shop.

However, there’s no harm in a fantasy film every now and then.

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