Dvd Watch: The Losers (2010)

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The Losers Movie Poster
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It really is true that when movies are made, they tend to make them in two’s. One tends to be a big budget movie while the other tends to be from smaller production houses. It’s the same here; The Losers share the same similarities as The Expendables, although the latter is an all out big budget star-studded movie.

The Losers, although doesn’t have the star billing like The Expendables still has an impressive cast.

Actors/ Characters

The team of “Losers” are Franklin Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), William Roque (Idris Elba), Jake Jensen (Chris Evans), Pooch (Columbus Short), Cougar (Oscar Jaenada), Aisha (Zoe Saldana), Wade (Holt McCallany) and Max (Jason Patric). Apart from Aisha, Wade and Max all are part of the US Special Forces. The characters are all taken from the comic book of the same name.


A routine mission by Clay, Roque, Jensen, Pooch and Cougar in the Bolivian jungle puts the mission at risk as innocent children are seen at the air target site. Demands to abort the mission are refused by the mysterious “Max” and the air strike is to proceed as normal. Clay and his team move in quickly to save the children and move them to a safe zone.

At the helicopter pickup point, the children board the helicopter. Thinking Clay and his team are on board; Max conveys orders to destroy the helicopter, as it soon explodes near Clay and his team.

The team are pronounced dead to the media and of being traitors and they are also now stuck with normal jobs in Bolivia.

Scene from The Losers
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A chance encounter with Aisha, resurrects their attempts to get back to the USA as she promises them that she will get them back in the USA and to help find Max to get revenge as they look to redeem their names again.

Aisha, however, has her own agenda, so can she be trusted? Are The Losers walking into another trap? One things for sure, whatever happens they won’t take it lying down.


Since I have not read the comics, I cannot make any comparisons, but what I can say is that as a stand-alone movie, it is great. I can honestly say it’s on par or maybe even better than The Expendables. It has great action scenes, touches of humour and great entertainment value, so what more can you ask for in a movie.

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