Drag Me To Hell (2009)

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Drag Me To Hell
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Although this movie may not be what everyone likes, however, if you want a movie that is horror, sickening, comical and pure entertainment, then this movie certainly is that. It seems like Sam Raimi (Director), has gone full circle with Drag Me to Hell. If you go back to the 80’s, Sam Raimi directed probably the best horror movies of its time, the Evil Dead trilogy. Sam toyed with the idea of making horror films with a hint of humour, and it worked perfectly in the Evil Dead films. It seems he has re-invented that same formula with Drag Me to Hell, and anyone who has seen the Evil Dead movies will be able to relate to this comical horror film.

Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) works in the Loans Department of her Bank, with aspirations to fill the currently vacant Assistant Managers job. However, one person stands in her way and that is Stu Rubin who also has his eyes on the same job, he is someone who is ruthless and knows what it takes to work in such a department. Christine’s boss advises that she needs to be able to demonstrate that she too can make tough decisions.

In walks Mrs Ganush (Lorna Raver), who makes a request to Christine for an extension on her mortgage problems as she’s suffering from ill health. Seeing the empty Assistant Managers desk, Christine refuses the extension. Mrs Ganush desperately pleas with Christine to change her mind, even to the extent of begging her, but Christine still refuses, and Mrs Ganush is escorted out feeling shamed by Christine.

Christine’s almost perfect life is about to be rocked to the hilt, as that same night, in the car park, she is attacked by Mrs Ganush. How on earth an attack can be both almost scary and comical I will never know, but this scene most definitely is. After the struggle, Mrs Ganush manages to get hold of one of Christine’s buttons, and places a gypsy curse on her, and hands the button back to Christine, as Mrs Ganush disappears and Christine faints. The following day she starts to feel a malign presence around her, and starts to hear strange voices. They meet up with fortune teller, Rham Jas (Dileep Rao), who goes on to tell Christine that a demon called the Lamia has been cursed upon her and that for 3 days it will the Lamia will make her suffer with physical violence, and on the 4th day she will be dragged to hell. The only way for Christine to escape her fate is to pass the cursed button onto someone else as a gift, and a new moral dilemma arises, who to gift the button to?

Will Christine be able to save herself from the curse? Who will she gift the button to?

I recommend you watch Drag Me to Hell, and ride the classical Sam Raimi rollercoaster of a movie that is Drag Me to Hell.

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