Dil Bole Hadippa (2009)

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Dil Bole Hadippa
Courtesy of Yash Raj Films

I found myself continually smiling through this movie, no not because the movie was fantastic, , but purely because Rani Mukerji had a wow factor in the film. She plays Veera Kaur, a small town girl, with a huge passion for cricket, and one day hopes to play for the Indian cricket team. She’s very passionate about cricket both on and off the pitch. She lives and works in a small theatre company in her village.

Shahid Kapoor plays the role of Rohan, a captain of a county cricket team in England, where he lives with his mum Yamini, played by Poonam Dhillon. His father is Vikram Singh or “Vicky”, played by Anupam Kher, who lives in Punjab, India. He loves everything there is to love about India so was unable to leave his home country, hence why he is separated from his wife Yamini, as she loves everything there is to love about England.

Vikram Singh is best friends with Liyaqat Ali Khan or “Lucky”, who lives in Pakistan, and both are fanatic about cricket. Each year they organise a cricket tournament, The Aman (Peace) Cup, as a show of friendship and unity between India and Pakistan. However, for the last 8 years the Indian team Indian Tigers, coached by Vicky, have been on a losing streak. His one dream is to be able to win The Aman Cup just once. So, through a small lie, he calls his son Rohan over to India so he can coach the Indian Tigers, and finally win the cup.

When in India, Rohan starts to recruit for new players for his team, and its here that Veera finally realises her dreams may come true. However, being a woman she faces a point blank refusal as the old stereotype that “women can’t play in a male team” comes up.

She realises that the only way she will fulfil her dream is to play in the forthcoming Aman Cup tournament. So, with the aid of a guise, Veera Kaur soon becomes Veer Pratap Singh, who now looks like a Punjabi boy. As Veer Pratap, she tries once again to get selected in the team, and Rohan soon realises that Veer Pratap is the best batsman he has at his disposal. As the movie progresses, we see that Rohan is slowly starting to fall in love with Veera, who also pretends to be Veer Prataps sister.

The movie rounds off at The Aman Cup tournament, and the Pakistani team bat first, and at first it seems they’re destined for a low score, until during play, Rohan finds out that Veer Pratap is actually Veera in disguise. Feeling betrayed and used, by the one person he loves the most, his play becomes erratic, allowing the Pakistani Champs to mount a sizeable score. Now it’s the batting turn of the Indian Tigers, and Rohan decides not to let Veer Pratap/ Veera play, which proves a costly mistake as the wickets start to fall. Not wanting to let his fathers dream become shattered he has no choice but to let Veer Pratap play, leaving Rohan and Veer as the last remaining batsmen.

Whether or not they win, and whether Veera can play in an all male team, I will let you find that out for yourselves.

I have to say this movie was all about Rani Mukerji, and as Veera, I just couldn’t keep my eyes off her, she was just stunning. Shahid Kapoor played his part too, but all the accolades must go to Rani.

Sherlyn Chopra played the role of Soniya, and she provides some of the eye candy. Her role was very irrelevant to the whole story, and does nothing more than show off her body.

As for the songs themselves, only 2 songs really stood out for me, and they were “Disco Wale Kisko” and the “Hadippa Remix”

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, and anything with Rani Mukerji in it always has a feel good factor to it.

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