Devil (2010)

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Devil Movie Poster
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M Night Shyamalan movies are always an intriguing movie experience as he always offer us something unique, with the added bonus of twists and turns in his movies (although I have to exclude The Last Airbender), and Devil is no different.

Personally, I love how he conjures up these stories in his mind, and puts them out to us, the viewers. Devil, the first movie in The Night Chronicles trilogy, and if this is anything to go by, I certainly can’t wait for the next two to be released.

Actors/ Characters

There are 6 central characters in the movie, who are Ben (Bokeem Woodbine), Old Lady (Jenny O’Hara), Vince (Geoffrey Arend), Tony (Logan Marshall-Green), Sarah (Bojana Novakovic) and Detective Bowden (Chris Messina). The movie is also narrated by Ramirez (Jacob Vargas).


Ramirez tells of a story that his mother told him, you know the Devil is nearby when things start to go wrong and it all starts off with a suicide.

Detective Bowden is investigating a suicide as he searches for clues outside an office building. Inside the building, 5 strangers, Ben, the old lady, Vince, Tony and Sarah all one by one enter the lift. Each has a history, a history not to be proud of as they have committed varying degrees of crimes in the past.

It’s not long before things start to go wrong, as the lift abruptly stops in-between floors. What should have been a routine maintenance problem turns into grave danger, as in the dark Sarah is attacked, and it seems one of the other 4 in the lift are responsible. The lights flicker on and off randomly.

Scene from Devil 2010
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When the lights go out again, Vince is killed by the glass from the mirrors in the lift. Detective Bowden is radioed in to investigate as he’s nearby. He tries to piece together the identities of the strangers in the lift.

As Bowden investigates, Ramirez (the security guard) is convinced this is the work of the Devil as told in stories by his mother and Detective Bowden immediately rubbishes his stories. However, its not long before another death in the lift and Bowden is left to ponder whether the Devil is really at work or whether he has a cold blooded killer on his hands.

Bowden must race against time if he is to save the others, and now might be as good a time as any to put his faith in God. With his own insecurities to deal with, he must now find the strength to overcome his worst enemy.


I have to say, after a slight detour in The Last Airbender, M Night Shyamalan is back to what he does best, creating intense thrillers. The Devil is definitely that, and well worth the watch. It has the right amount suspense, the right amount of scares and will definitely keep you on the edge of your seats. Well the first of The Night Chronicle Trilogy seems to have gone down well, so look forward to the second in the series.

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