Despicable Me (2010) Movie Review

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Despicable Me Movie Poster
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After the success of the summer blockbuster Toy Story 3, comes the equally impressive Despicable Me from the studios of Universal Pictures. It seems super-villains are the in thing, as DreamWorks Megamind is hot on the trails of Despicable Me.

Despicable Me has been a mega-success for Universal Pictures in the field of animation, and only Toy Story has done better commercially in 2010.

Actors/ Characters

Steve Carell provides the voice-over for the super-villain Gru. Jason Segel plays Vector while Russell Brand lends his voice for Dr. Nefario. Julie Andrews, Will Arnett, Kristen Wiig and Miranda Cosgrove amongst others provide support to the other characters.


Gru is an aging super-villain, or so he thinks. His biggest crimes to date have been stealing a jumbo TV screen from Times Square, and the miniature Statue of Liberty and Eiffel Tower from Las Vegas aided by his yellow minions.

Whilst Gru dwells on his super-villain status, another mastermind criminal has just committed the “crime of the century” by stealing the Great Pyramid of Giza and replacing it with an inflatable pyramid.

Not one to be upstaged and not contempt with a “crime of the century” he concocts a plan to commit a crime like no other, past or present, by stealing the moon but first must steal the Shrink Ray.

However, such a plan will need financing, so he visits the Bank of Evil where his path crosses with another villain, Vector. The bank president, Mr Perkins (Arnett) tells him he is unable to loan him any money till he sees the Shrink Ray and confirms that Vector stole The Pyramid of Giza.

After stealing the Shrink Ray, Gru and his minions have it stolen off them by Vector and all attempts to retrieve it fail miserably as Vector’s home is secured like a fortress.

Three orphan girls, Margo, Edith and Agnes selling cookies are able to enter Vector’s house. Realising this is a way to get inside, Gru decided to adopt the orphan girls in a bid to use them to get to the Shrink Ray.

Scene from Despicable Me
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Gru requests his assistant Dr. Nefario to build him some cookie robots, which will get to the Shrink Ray when the girls next drop off a cookie order.

The plan works almost perfectly as they get their hands on the Shrink Ray but the effects of having Margo, Edith and Agnes around him starts to take its toll on Gru, as we start to see his softer and caring side.

Will Gru be able to live up to his super-villain status? Will he commit the crime no one ever dared before? Will he pay for all the crimes of his past?

Watch this movie to see all the action and adventure unfold.


I have to say even as an adult in my 30’s this movie was very entertaining. I especially loved the minions in this movie, added that extra little spark to the movie. On the whole it was a cute film which I think most people will thoroughly enjoy. It’s a film where you really feel for Gru once you realise why he’s doing what he’s doing.

Gru, the 3 orphan girls and the minions provide a truly entertaining movie.

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