Date Night (2010)

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Date Night Poster
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I attended this film with high expectations; Steve Carell who has recently made “The Office” in America a rather big success is also outstanding in the films “40 Year Old Virgin” and “Anchorman”. Joining him is Tina Fey, for those of you who do not know her, she is the creator of the well established American TV comedy “30 Rock” and as well as this she also stars in the programme, so seeing both of these actors collaborating in one film can really not be anything less than superb.

It was indeed as I expected, based in the busy city of New York. Married couple Phil and Claire Foster are pretty bored with their relationship at the moment and want to find something that will re-ignite the flame. In an attempt to do this they go to a high class restaurant in the city and discover it is booked out, and instead of heading back home to look after the kids they decide to take someone else’s booking pretending to be them. The night soon escalates into an “exciting” disaster as two men come to the table claiming the Fosters have something they want.

What really sets this film apart from the rest are the wacky one-liners, your find yourself laughing way into the next scene in which your start laughing again, keeping you constantly fixated to the screen.

You discover Mark Wahlberg playing the half-naked security guard who just might be able to help out the Fosters. To top this, they even have Ray Liotta on board, after his performances in “Observe and Report” and “Youth in Revolt” he proves that he’s still got talent.

Steve Carell, Tina Fey and Mark Wahlberg
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Steve Carell to me is one of those actors who can always bring a script to life, he makes comedy real, when he laughs it doesn’t feel scripted, and it certainly doesn’t feel acted, that is a brilliant skill to possess, and one he accomplishes with ease.

Personally I loved this film, great plot, great cast, great motion picture, simply, I really don’t know what else you need. I recommend Date Night for fans of Pineapple Express and any Steve Carell film.

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