Cop Out (2010)

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Cop Out
Courtesy of Warner Bros

Bruce Willis is back as yet another cop. Will we see him in alternative roles? Time will tell. Action heroes seem to be a dying breed, especially at one time when we had the likes of Arnie, Stallone and Willis churning out big action flicks. It makes you wonder which set of stars will take over the mantelpiece in the near future.

The formula in Cop Out is the same, a buddy cop movie, with the African-American cop providing the comical aspects. In this case the buddy cops are Jimmy and Paul (Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan). They’re bottom of the pile when it comes to getting their men, and yet another failed attempt at a drugs sting leave a trail of disaster behind them, and so both are suspended.

This is about as bad a timing as it gets for Jimmy, as his daughter Ava (Michelle Trachtenberg) is about to get married and wants a dream wedding. Jimmy insists on paying for the wedding, the only problem is it’s going to cost near $50,000, and he’s now suspended from work. He can raise this money by selling his prized asset, a rare Andy Pafko baseball card. As luck would have it, the card is stolen as he is about to cash in on the card by small time crook Dave (Seann William Scott). To feed his drug habit, Dave sells the card to baseball memorabilia enthusiast Poh Boy (Guillermo Diaz). The only problem being Poh Boy is the new drug lord in town.

Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan and Seann William Scott
Courtesy of uk.movies.ign

What follows is Jimmy and Paul’s attempts to clean up the town, get Jimmy’s baseball card back, redeem themselves as worthy cops and finally to get Ava married. Whether they actually get these done remains to be seen.

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