Avatar 3D (2009) – Just Another Sci-Fi Fantasy?

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I recently went to view this film directed by James Cameron in the cinemas and enjoyed it so much that I thought I’d better write an article for all of you to enjoy. The film itself uses new cinema technologies to provide a unique 3D enhanced experience which for me was totally breath taking as it exhibits never seen before smooth animations which sometimes even resemble ‘real life’ people. Before watching this film, I had the impression it might just be another fantasy sci-fi film which almost put me off going to watch it, however I’m truly glad I did.

This one film alone, I believe, will revolutionise the way films are made in the future using things such as James Cameron’s very own creation the ‘fusion camera system’ which has only been trialled in one film previously.  In years to come I believe our experience of cinema will look more and more like Avatar and no doubt with technological advances even better, this for me is very exciting as I am a big fan of this interactive type experience.

There are passages where the camera follows the lead stars which are simply out of this world, with amazing colours and concepts which light up any dark cinema. Some scenes in the film get a similar reaction to those given at firework displays with the younger audience’s eyes especially lighting up with smiles all round. The film itself is based somewhat on the traditional historic Hindu religious belief of ‘avatars’ which embodies the “Life after death” philosophy, however in the films case it gives a disabled US marine a dual life in a alien-human hybrid into another world.

In summary the film moves away from the “norm” as it invites the audience to step into the world of Avatar and become part of the story which grabs the attention of the people and awakens imagination. I do hope that this type of film is pursued by major producers as it will make me pay for the experience, with the increase in the use of piracy and downloads I believe the film industry needed to provide a further USP (Unique Selling Point) with Avatar I believe they have it!

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