Top 10 World Cup Apps

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Photo by Harmesh Valley

With the World Cup only around the corner, yet all the way in South Africa, its good to get excited as it’s easily the best sporting event in the world. Downloading Apps related to the World Cup can be interesting but most likely a waste of time and money from what I have gathered.

Most Apps related to the World Cup give the same information, which are the fixtures, group tables and the stadiums where the matches will be played. There are some Apps, which also gives the latest football news, but Sky Sports “Football SC” App has all that anyway which you should already have on your iPhone if you are a football fan.

Here’s list of the TEN main World Cup Apps and which you should and shouldn’t bother with:

Dream Team Fantasy Football (Free) – This is a must have for all you football fanatics. Providing you enter The Sun Dream Team online, you will be able to check up on your team(s) progress with this app. Join our Tara Magazine mini league and battle it out with the professionals.

Sun Football – World Cup Edition (£2.39) – Wouldn’t you rather get the paper instead? That way you would get to see more than just only sport news.

World Cup 2010 Countdown (free) – As this app is free, you might as well download to see the pictures, audio’s and movies it has of South Africa. But be warned, you will only delete this app soon after.

World Cup 2010 Countdown App

World Cup Trivia Challenge (Lite or £1.19) – I just played it, good way to test your knowledge of world cup history but with questions like, “In the 1974 World Cup, which player scored in both the opening game in the final?” I soon gave up.

Fifa World Cup (£3.99) – Looks like a decent game, but would you not rather be playing these kinds of action games on a console?

WorldCupKit (£0.59) – This app has traditional world cup sounds such as the African horn, maracas, clapper, ole chants and many more. You could even record your own and play them. Definitely worth buying if used wisely.

World Cup Schedule (£0.59) – Again, same as many other World Cup apps, but this is probably has the best layout.

iSouthAfrica 2010 Free – boring app with the same normal stuff, download it at your own risk!

2010 World Cup Alert (£1.19) – Has all the basics, but what makes this app unique is the fact you can predict and share your predictions with your buddy’s online.

England World Cup Fan Chants & Lyrics – The perfect app if you don’t know the chants or lyrics but so badly want to join in. (£0.59)

What’s your favourite Apps? Please tell me!!

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