Top 10 iPhone Apps You Can’t Ignore!

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My Top 10 iPhone Apps
Photo by Harmesh Valley (…and thanks to Helder Barroso for being in it)

I’m sure Apple could have made the battery life much longer on the iPhone or is it just me? Well it probably is me; I don’t think I can leave the iPhone alone for any longer than half an hour, if that. If it’s not a phone call, it’s probably my turn on ‘Uniwar’, or it’s checking the latest football results. If it’s none of that, I might as well have a game of poker with ‘Zynga Live poker’. I’ve just mentioned only a few Apps that have overtaken my life and below are my current top ten.

My top 10 iPhone Apps:

  1. Uniwar – the best online strategy game on the iPhone. Battle it out against your own mates or complete strangers from all over the world – up to eight players at a time (priced £1.19).
  2. Sky Sports Football – Keep up to date with live football scores (Free).
  3. Zynga Live Poker – this is the Facebook poker game where you can play for free but still compete against your mates and the rest of the world. You just need to make sure you don’t lose your wifi connection otherwise you may lose all your chips during the game and it is not a nice feeling (Free).
  4. Facebook – one of the largest networks in the world as you may know, keep in touch with your friends and family at any time but not as good as using it on the pc/mac as you don’t get full access on it through the iPhone (Free).
  5. Ragdoll Blaster– a game with a combination of solving puzzles and a little action, a weird game but ever so addictive (£1.19 full version).
  6. Flixster – as I love going to the cinema, this allows quick access to show times of any movie in my local cinemas (Free).
  7. Shazam – hands up, I’m useless when it comes to naming song names so thank God for iPhone and thank iPhone for Shazam, as it identifies nearly all English tracks. If you are in a club or listening to the radio but don’t recognise the song, Shazam will tell you instantly the name of the song and artist (Free).
  8. Bouncedown – a simple and easy to play game and yet again so addictive. I hold the highest score of 4829 so try beating it (Free).
  9. Photo Buffet – get useful tips on photography by Rick Sammon, some handy tips I found for my SLR camera (£2.99).
  10. MoBank – keep up to date with your bank account(s). Enables me to check my balance and make transactions. Can you trust this app? (Free).

Please note: All prices shown were correct at the time of writing. Don’t blame me if they’ve gone up! 😉

So, what’s your Top Ten iPhone App? Let us know…

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  • Harmesh

    Hi people, quick update with the apps.

    I have a few new ones that would shoot straight into my top 10.

    1. Angry Birds
    2. Flight Control
    3. Countdown

    Just get them, trust me!

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