Sonic The Hedgehog Is Back In 2D

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Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1

Are you tired of all the 3d action in today’s video games? Too much attention being paid to graphics and not enough to game play? Well Sega have listened, they have decided to release Sonic the Hedgehog – Episode 1. Since Sega do not have a console of their own like in the past, they are using the Xbox, Wii and PS3 for the release.

Consumers will be glad the game makers have gone with the trusted 2D old style sonic games and not the rubbish they tried in the recent years. Not a lot has changed from the original trailer online; you still have to collect rings, run & spin like crazy and zoom by the levels and do not forget Dr Robotnic.

I personally cannot wait to play this game again, a lot of my childhood was playing this game and I am sure will bring back some nostalgic memories. I know the new generation of gamer must be thinking I am crazy to even want to play this game, what with some excellent games coming out in the last year or so but I think my generation do appreciate the old games as well as the new.

There is no mention of cost for the download as of yet or when in 2010 it will be released but we will keep you posted.

Check out the trailer at

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