Some More Amazing iPhone Apps…

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Scene from Uniwars
Image by Harmesh Valley

There are thousands and thousands of apps on the iPhone and hundreds are probably being added everyday. And being an iPhone fanatic, I can only continue downloading new apps from the App Store and easily onto my phone, especially when a lot of the apps are absolutely free.

Here’s my current top five:

  1. Uniwars – Still my favourite, still can’t get enough of it, still aiming to be the best in the world.
  2. Angry Birds – One of the most played games on the iPhone. Gives addiction another meaning. A one player game you will be determined to complete, but then disappointed after completing it now, as now I’m waiting for a part two to be created (hint hint to game developers)
  3. TheXchange – This is like an online nightclub, meet people and I say no more.
  4. FlightControl – This is a game where you land planes onto the right runways. Good test of skill and management and pressure all at the same time. Must try it!
  5. Maps – A standard App on for the iPhone but ever so handy. Type in for example “TGI Fridays, Rugby” and not only it will give you the correct address, it’ll even direct you by three forms of transport, by foot, car and even bus routes (includes bus numbers). Amazing!

Are there any Apps you recommend, do let us know.

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