Prince Of Persia On The iPhone

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Prince of Persia Game
Screenshots courtesy of Harmesh Valley

Remember the Commodore Amiga 500? Well, they really were the good old days. With games like Sensible Soccer, Super Frog, Bubble Bobble, Rick Dangerous, Chuck Rock and many more, my childhood was simply marvellous. ‘Prince of Persia’ was also one of my favourites, and is now out on the iPhone, but is it the same game as it was twenty odd years ago?

The answer to that question I can proudly and with pleasure say “Yes” but obviously without the joystick. ‘Prince of Persia’ the game is now out as an app on the iPhone, exactly the same version as it was on the Amiga 500/600 – I simply cannot believe it!

The game play is just as great. The movement of the character is just as smooth, just like twenty years ago. All thirteen levels have the exact layout from what I remember. The Sultan’s with the swords stabbing you is also unchanged. It really is the exact same game.

Now I just wonder what else will be on the iPhone in relation to the Amiga games. I’ve seen Rick Dangerous in the apps store but no longer available – felt well gutted about that. Was it the same as the Amiga version? I really don’t know.

Are there any more old school games out there? Please let me know, bring me back the good old days!

Scene from Prince of Persia iPhone Game

Scene from Prince of Persia Game

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