Nintendo DSi XL – Mutant DSi?

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Nintendo DSi XL Trailer on YouTube

With Nintendo releasing another DS this week, are we as consumers just being taken for a ride. The DSi XL is to go on sale on Friday and is the third in the series, but are there enough feature changes and updates to warrant a new release. I am not so sure on this new product.

The DSi XL features two larger 4.2 inch screens and a bigger stylus, as well as longer battery life. I believe it is the screen quality that really tips the balance in favour of the DSi bigger brother. Nintendo put a bigger screen into the DSi XL but did not increase the resolution so the clarity or the lack of, is easily noticeable. It is heavier and slightly bigger but the buttons and the d-pad are the same size.

Consumers first spent money buying the Bigger DS unit, then they went out and bought the slimmer unit with 0.25 bigger screen, so that is over £300 spent already, would you want to spend another £150 on the new DSi XL when it does the exact same things as the DSi? You really have to question Nintendo on this logic.

If we leave it to companies like Nintendo they would have a new release every week because they know that consumers and fanatic gamers will buy anything with the brand. It’s not just Nintendo who do this, you could question Apple or Sony for their products and the volume they release, but why should they stop releasing and making money. It is us who should boycott products and force them to think about the pressure it puts on parents buying for their children or cash strapped consumers who do not have the will power to say no. We all have a choice on how and where we spend our money.

Read the full review here.

Is it not the time to take back our control?

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