Microsoft Kinect Unveiled

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Microsoft Kinect
Image courtesy of CNN

Microsoft unveiled the ‘Kinect’ to try plugging the gap in the gaming market; hands free motion control system which was originally branded ‘Project Natal’ has been re-branded ‘Kinect’. The system is to rival the Sony Playstation Move and Nintendo Wii Motion Plus, and should be available by the end of the year.

Kinect was exposed off at a flashy occasion next to compatible games, which carry the new hands-free interface and, in some situations, the facial and voice recognition capabilities.

These range from jumping and flying games to a yoga simulator and Star Wars shooter, in which players control a virtual light saber and use hand gestures to control action on the screen. There was also a virtual pet, which can be controlled and played with using Kinect. Microsoft says it will release the full details of its games at another media event on 14 June. Personally the system again put pressure on parents to go out and spend money to get the latest gadgets, what Microsoft do not realise is how hard times have got for families but it all down to us as consumers to put pressure on companies by not buying the products.

One more Kinect game that was demoed on the night was Dance Central from MTV Games which allows the player to coordinate their dance moves in time to an on-screen prompt. Although less than two minutes of it was shown, with No Doubt’s Hella Good track thumping in the background, it illustrated the various new markets that Microsoft hope its new controller will expand into.

You can now pre-order yours from GAME.

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