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Flick Kick Football App
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Flick Kick Football – kick a ball wherever you are!

For all you football fans, don’t you just get that urge of kicking a football every now and again whilst walking on the streets or waiting around or even in your bedroom? Flick Football is a iPhone game where you take free kicks avoiding defenders and a goalkeeper.

There are now many versions of this game due to its popularity, the version I have is the one you want, reason being for its control of the ball and game options. Curling the ball has never been so enjoyable and realistic even though you are using your thumb. Simply flicking it longer with your thumb can also control height of the ball.

Once you have downloaded this addictive game, playing the Arcade Mode is probably your best bet, and try beating my score of 109. Once you have, please let me know and I will then beat yours.

Let me know what you think of this App and enjoy!

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